A little story that happend over the weekend. Its not that interesting, so if I were you, I wouldnt bother reading it. sweatdrop

Since I didnt feel like dancing (or felt like doing anything for that matter), I just sat down at an empty table by the dance floor. I awkwardly sat there, alternately looking at my friends dancing, and at the clock by the door. Our councellors told us we can leave at nine o'clock, but we're welcome to stay if we wanted to. Pssh, yeah right, I thought. Who would want to dance anyways?
Lets just say, I wasnt that outgoing. But at least I tried. Being bubbly and happy all the time just didnt come naturally to me... So I guess you could call me the wallflower, cause thats exactly what I was. The only thing that really shocked me in my life is that I actually had a boyfriend. I mean, who would want to date a flower? Well, I know I wouldnt.

To be continued . . .