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Tomboy Dragoness [Bean]'s Journal I don't update very much. I'll try to with this one!

Tomboy Dragoness
Community Member
MY OC: Jasmine Williamson
::[She has ocean-blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. She stands at about five foot three with an average build.]::
Jasmine (Jaz, Jazzy) Williamson
Veterinary Assistant
By touch, she can either heal or kill by concentrating

As a young girl, Jaz grew up with an abusive father. She had no mother; she left when Jaz was three years old. Her father had eventually gotten to the point where he was choking her, and she subconsciously used her ability. The next thing she knew, he was dead on the ground in front of her. The autopsy pronounced he died of a simple heart attack, and she was sent away to her aunt's house, who raised her as her own daughter. Jaz promised herself she'd never use her ability again, unless someone truly needed her help.
Years later, she's sitting at a bar with her friends and notices a tall, muscular guy watching her from behind sunglasses. At night. Who could the man be?

My OC: Luke Smith
I'm not sure how these work, exactly. But here's a basic profile skeleton.
From my (various) Midnight Breed-based roleplays.

His glyphs
::[ Emerald green, mysterious eyes, light brown hair. He's tall, around six foot five, and very muscular, as all Gen Ones are.]
Luke Smith
Breed Warrior - Gen One
2nd in command for the Order
He uses his twin titanium blades the most

By touching someone, he can tell their emotional state

He fought alongside Damian (also a Gen One) around a thousand years ago against the Ancients. During that war, he lost his Breedmate, Tehya. He's been a cold-blooded killer of his enemies since then, chillingly efficient in his missions, and loyal to his old friend.

One night, as he was hunting Rogues, he came across one feeding from a Breedmate. He killed the Rogue with one swipe of his blades and erased her memories before taking her to the hospital, replacing her memories, making her think she was attacked by a dog, not a rabid vampire.
The next night, he saves her again, only this time decides that she'd be safer at the compound, where he and the rest of the Order live. Reluctant to be near her at first (he didn't want a mate, and he realized he was hungering for her in multiple ways), he eventually gave in and admitted that he'd fallen for her.

Now, if only they could figure out what's causing the increase in Rogues, and why?

Tomboy Dragoness
Community Member

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