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We Are All In the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars
Looking at the stars or peering down into the gutter. Things aren't always happy with me, but neither are they always melancholy.
What the Hell Has Happened Lately?
I'm not even sure why I bother anymore with a lot of things.If I put my all into anything anymore, it gets thrown in my face meaning I wasted a lot of ******** time. Ever since this weekend, it's been pure Hell.

I almost break up with my boyfriend because one of his friends posed as him on some dating website and was trying to get him a new girlfriend...a better one...v.v and also it has been further proven to me that I'll never even come close to his old love.

Senior pictures. Basically I was told that I look like s**t because I have turquoise in my hair and the pictures look like s**t. (I was told today that everyone who saw mine laughed at it because my hair looked stupid.) When I came home that day, my mom's boyfriend tried to lie to my mom by saying I got an attitude with him earlier. All I said was "I'm tired." O.O

Poured my heart into a piece of art just for it to be criticized because it didn't address the prompt. When I go to work, I find out that my turquoise hair isn't allowed and I have to get it back t a natural color. ******** that place.

Get cheated out of a bunch of money so now I have to choose between a gift for my boyfriend or a year book for senior year. Plus, I'm never going to be able to get the ball dress I want. When I got yelled at to stop crying because it's "dumb s**t." Maybe if you would've let me talk instead of instantly yelling at me every time I cry you would've understood.

All week I've been having nightmares too. Ever since Sunday. I swear I should just give up now. I've been told by the person closest to me that they don't even know me anymore and it just seems like they don't ever really want to talk much anymore. They don't seem happy around me anymore. What's wrong with me?

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