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Story of Victoria

Community Member
This is How Much I love Leena
This guy in Fubar.com decided to be a troll and pick on her for being a transgender. And I did what any awesome friend would do in defense for her...
I did this:

3:56pm To CpeSklCwby...: You ******** pansy a** b***h better shut your tranny mouth and stop ******** with my girl!

3:57pm CpeSklCwby...: ohhhh look hes got to get a real girl to fight his battles that's nice of you

3:59pm CpeSklCwby...: go share a douche with your boy or something or should i say girl

3:59pm To CpeSklCwby...: I may be a FULL woman but I got more balls than you do. You'd have to be really ******** retarded to pick on a TG gal. Did anyone ever smack you upside the head with a ..baseball bat..?

3:59pm CpeSklCwby...: your more manly then your boy toy that's sweet you guys can roleplay

4:00pm CpeSklCwby...: go strap a d***o on and suck your own c**k wait he will do it for you ...you to have fun with that

4:01pm To CpeSklCwby...: If you think you can insult me, you're wrong. I don't take s**t from pricks like you. Leave my girl alone. She's got enough ..self esteem.. issues as it is. And ya know what? Sex with HER is far more better than any of you penniless horn dogs could give out. You're a disgrace to men.

4:05pm To CpeSklCwby...: so go find your tiny a** d**k under your beer belly and get a blow up doll to satisfy you. You make me sick.

NO ONE ******** WITH LEENA! GOT IT?!?! Yes, she's TG, but she is a wonderful gal and I consider her to be very near and dear to me. She's going through a lot...

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/victoriaisme723/blog#ixzz0yhTRF5DI

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