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Creative Vomit
The Rantings, Plots, Descriptions, Characters, Locations and stories that are bubbling in my head.
You ask me how one of the Provinces feels, looks, and sees? An Excellent question ,so I shall proceeded. As you may guess, I specialize in the Sky, but other that know the story and its parts live and will come by and by.

The Sky, what a wonderful place to be. Bright, beautiful, yet dangerous in the day. Night brings delight, and strength is coming in its ways. The Province of the sky is divided into four Hemispheres, called States. Each States has 5 tiers that represent the different living conditions, political presence, and occupations in the Sky. The First Tier is called the Tropo, which is mainly inhabited by Herders, and is the location usually reserved for Cells; detention centers for offending Clouds. The second Tier is the Strato, where the official law enforcement agency of the sky, Thunder, and also the location of major research groups are found. The Third Tier is the Mesos. This area is home to many aristocrats, and powerful warriors. The Four great families reside in the Mesos, and it’s thought to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole domain. In the Mesos, the Iono, a powerful tool that is used to repel Rays, and Stars, from entering the domain, is kept. The Fourth and most populated Tier is the Thermo, where regular Docents, warriors, Herders, and Clouds live. The Majority of the Cloud population lives in the Thermo. The last, and most important Tier is the Exo, the area where the Hervorragend govern, and the strongest militant force, the Acro, stay.

Each Hemisphere is named after one of the four great families that were the first created by the Goddess. The Western Hemisphere is known as Azulan. The Northern is know as Eisan. The East is referred to as Cerul. And the South is called Irritus. Each family rules over their area in a figurehead fashion.

Interaction between the states is something that is normal and fast. The State could be thought of as huge cities found in on the ground. To get to another State, it usually takes about four hours by flying. An hour by Vorrius, and about forty-five minutes by a current stream. A trait that is used

Clouds are a very hospitable group of people. Growing up with Cirrus always around, most become very lackadaisical in manner, but understand the meaning of their responsibility and respect that. Education wise, there is one path, but many different roads spring from it. Né Clouds, Beings that are born from two other Clouds, are much like children in development. Going to Three schools though their childhood, they divide into groups that focus on their future jobs best suited for them. The three schools are, Novice, Disciple, and Docent. A fourth school, Vanguard, is an option that is very selective. Only the Best of the Best are accepted into Vanguard School. There, skills are honed to perfection.

Coute Coquette
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Coute Coquette
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