_End Up In Hell_

Im scared of living, scared of Dying.
I'm scared of facing my fears,
scared of dying.
Scared of victory,
scared of Losing as well.
Scared of heaven, and i'm scared of Hell.

My fears have caused pain, and fear.
I lie just to see in clear.
Every minute i'll never get back has reminded me.
Not to live in fear again.
That for everyone their end can be tomorrow.
It can be the next minute, the next week.
Still doesnt mean scarred, if what we will be.

For now i see the openness as a prisoner.
Even though my terrible mother.
Shes caused all my pain,fear, and scars.
One day she'll push me too much and end up behind bars.

This is the story of my life that i hate to tell.
Because everyone that hears it will end up in Hell...

An original poem by Astrid Guilamo. (me)