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Elementals are beings with the ability to manipulate any one of the elements1 .
Example: Water elementals can manipulate water.
Darkness elementals can manipulate shadows.
_______ elementals can manipulate _______.

The abilites of the Elementals include:
• Manipulating elements
• Summoning elements
• Immunity to elements
• Travelling through elements2

Morphers are the branch of Elementals who can manipulate living things3 .
Example: Cat morphers can manipulate cats.
Tree morphers can manipulate trees.
______ morphers can manipulate ______.

The abilities of the Morphers include:
• Manipulating living things
• Summoning living things
• Immunity to living things
• Transforming into living things4

Morphers often share a similar quality to their living thing (cat eyes, stiffness, abnormal height, abnormal behavior, etc.) whereas regular Elementals do not.

Sensors are beings with the ability to sense any one of the elements or non-elements5 .
Examples: Water sensors can sense water.
Thought sensors can sense thoughts.
________ sensors can sense _______.

The abilities of the Sensors include:
• Sensing non-/elements
• Creating non-/elements6

Sensors do not have the ability to control their non-/elements, therefore they are not Elementals. They share similar qualities with their non-/elements much like Morphers with their living things.

1 Elements are physical things that make up the Earth.
2 Travelling can be done by stepping onto/into the element while concentrating on the desired location.
3 Living things can be anything that is in the biological classification system created by Carolus Linnaeus.
4 Transforming can be done by concentrating on the living thing.
5 Non-elements are physical or non-physical things created by man.
6 Sensors can create their non-/elements, but once created, the Sensor cannot manipulate it


Elementals, Morphers, and Sensors are all able to produce offspring of any of their kind or of a human.
Example: An Elemental couple could have a Sensor.
A Sensor couple could have a human.
A Morpher and a Sensor could have a Sensor.
A Sensor and an Elemental could have a human.
A human and a Morpher could have an Elemental.
A human and a Sensor could have a human.
A human couple could have a Morpher.
______ and ______ could have a _______.

Of the Elementals, the strongest and rarest are of the fire7 , air8 , water9 , earth10 , darkness11 , or light12 .13

Of the Morphers, the strongest and rarest are of the broadest categories or living things. Example: All cats, rather than a lion.

Of the Sensors, the strongest and rarest are of thoughts, emotions, imagination, confusion, and discipline.

According to legend, the first Elemental, Morpher, and Sensor were brothers, and they were all the children of Hercules (god of strength) and Mother Nature.

7 The rare Fire Elemental is known as the Salamander.
8 The rare Air Elemental is known as the Sylph.
9 The rare Water Elemental is known as the Nymph.
10 The rare Earth Elemental is known as the Gnome.
11 The rare Darkness Elemental is known as the Eclipse.
12 The rare Light Elemental is known as the Optic.
13 Only rare Elementals have names because the first Elemental was considered the strongest of the three brothers.

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