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A Journal of Totally Possible Things as opposed to a journal of impossible things, which this is not

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ok here's how this works. for each username (in bold) there's one, maybe two pictures, a transcription into regular letters, and then an ipa-ish transcription, followed by the meaning and any notes. also they've been alphabetized by username.
- usernames have been transcribed phonetically*. if i hecked up, let me know, unless there's a note on why i did it that way.
- if you have a "long-i" sound in your name (as in define), it got changed to a "long-e" sound (as in meet) because that's the way things is.
- if you have an L in your name, it got changed to an R because that's the way things is.
- if you have an a in your name and it falls in an unstressed syllable, it's probably pronounced as a schwa.
- if you have numbers in your username i left them off.

*usernames with actual nouns in them are sometimes partially or fully calqued, which means i translated instead of transcribed all or part of the username. if i didn't calque you, it's because i have nothing even remotely close to any of the words in your username.

Ami Satomora
User Image
ami-satomora /ami-sətomorə/

User Image
satomohi /sətomohi/
(adj./n.) blue

Alberic of Krufton

arberik-kruftane /arberɪk-kruftane/
this uses the genitive of "krufton" to mean "of krufton"

User Image
orin-txaed /orɪn-tʃeid/

User Image
orinhi /orinhi/
(adj.) having the qualities of a master; boss-like

BlueJay Adler
User Image
bru-txae-adrer /bru-tʃei-adrer/

User Image
defin-unik /defin-unik/

User Image
eme /eme/
if you take off the last glyph (the gakuda), it's "em" /em/

General Phade
User Image
fer-faed /fer-feid/
there isn't a word for "general" and "general" is a b***h to transcribe but "fer" means "man" or "lord" so it's semantically sorta close. i'll try again if i ever come up with military terms.

User Image
faeder /feider/
faedan /feidən/
(n.) [[I haven't figured out what it means in real words yet but the top is masculine and the bottom is feminine and they basically mean Hound and Selena (like, the relationship they have to each other).]]

User Image
kendra /kendrə/

User Image
kendirá /kendɪra/
(n.) [of a female] lover, beloved; see also zinghi (Lord Zy)

User Image
ria-fisr /riə-fisr/

User Image
fisar /fɪsar/
(n.) game

Lord Zy
User Image
fer-zi /fer-zi/
"fer" means "man" or "lord"

User Image
zinghi /ziŋhi/
(n.) [of a male] lover, beloved; see also kendirá (Kendra)

User Image
rikaxi /rikəʃi/

User Image
rikatxi /rɪkatʃi/
(n.) sparkle; glitter

User Image
morsuaer /morsueir/ (pronounced more-sue-where)

User Image
muferz /muferz/

User Image
mufer /mufer/ ** it's supposed to say mufet but i hecked up because i can never remember my ******** verb endings
(v.) to yell, especially at someone or something

PaladinButterflyUser Image
paradin-buterfri /pəradɪn-buterfri/

User Image
rozarín-du /rozərin-du/
it might be pronounced /ðu/ instead, but i don't have a glyph for /ð/

User Image
rozarindor /rozərɪndor/
rozarinda /rozərində/
(n.) a craftsman or crafter
(the top one is masculine, the bottom is feminine)

smutty cannibal prince
User Image
smuti-jonov-nánghigehi-enfan-feonone /smuti-jonov-naŋhɪgehi-enfən-feonone/
the double tildes break up the whole nouns; the single tildes break up the bits inside the nouns. this literally is a borrow of "smutty" + "one who eats people" + "child of king" (aka prince). thanks for giving me THE LONGEST NAME EVER.
new but not borrowed: eater, prince, cannibal, king

User Image
ti-kup-kaeks /ti-kup-keiks/

Thee Enchantress
User Image
fi-entxantres /fi-entʃantres/

t o l e k s z i
User Image
torekxi /torekʃi/
using the /ʃ/ instead of /s/ makes it more apparent that the last sound is an /i/ and not an /ə/ or /e/

User Image
uimzikar-zonghirehi /uɪmzɪkar-ʒoŋhɪrehi/
zonghirehi = "one who dreams"
new but not borrowed: dreamer

User Image
imziket /ɪmziket/
(v.) to paint
(from all your talk of Painted)

User Image
ufi /ufi/

User Image
ísavrir /isəvrir/

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