09 March 2010 Musicals!

To those who have never assist a whole show, they may appear nothing more than a bunch of people singing and dancing unnecessarily. What a pity. Because musicals offer some of the most adventurous, cinematic and imaginative spectacles!

The sound of musicals. Musicals are traditionally a form of theatre which combines miusic, songs, spoken dialogues and dance. The content of the performance usually narrates a story, and the emotions displayed in the narration are most often expressed through the words, the music and dance movements of the entertainers to provide a wholesome and rounded entertainment. Musicals are not limited to big theatres and stages. In the last few decades they have been adapted and distributed through various other mediums such as Cinema and Tv. Some famous musicals include Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Les Misérables, Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and of course, teh magical Winx Musical that's showing in Italy!

The story of musicals. The art of telling stories through songs dates back to either ancient India oe ancient Greek, at least 5th century BC, when ancient people used music to either narrate or accompany their stories, and often comedies. By the 1700s, two very popular forms of musical theatres are found in France, Britain and Germany; teh first being ballad operas which narrate romantic stories and other is comedies.