It's 10:20 in the morning. I am way too eager to make the call now, but he did say to check back in the afternoon.

I'm talking about the job interview I had. I went in yesterday, having just freshly changed my hair color to impress my interviewer, and in my eyes the interview went very well. The guy (named Steve) told me to check back this afternoon as he will have made his decision by then. My stomach is upset now because I really need a job.

I think the weirdest question he asked me during the interview was, "Why are you looking for a job?"

I mean, that was an easy question to answer, but I had never been asked that before. I know that employers ask you a bunch of other seemingly unrelated questions to determine the silent question of "what is this person's intent in finding work," but I didn't know they would ask me directly. I was sure to leave out that I am broke. I simply stated I've been at home too much and I really want the interaction again as well as to feel productive doing something useful. He seemed pleased by that.

When he asked me to tell me what else I could offer the store, I was sure to project confidence in my customer service skills. I forgot that I also wanted to add that I follow instruction very well, but I think what I did say was enough.

Anyway, I'm going to try to distract myself until it feels like a good time to call him.

Waaah! I is scared! gonk