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RANNNNDOMMM :D umm it'll probly be mostly storys xD

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“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!” i yelled at my mom. i almost NEVER yell at her, it’s usualy my dad. “Jenny Paige Lyn” my mom said sighing “ this’ll be better for you, you’ll get better grades” she said smiling softly “there wont be as many… distractions” “I THOUGHT YOU CARED ABOUT ME!” i yelled. “Oh honey.. i do, thats why I’m doing this and besides your school was getting too crowded.. they needed some people to switch” “SO THEY KICKED ME OUT?!” i yelled. “no honey, i volentierd you… now ether you coperate and pack your bags...or you’ll be home schooled.”

i woke up to see a boy pushing a tray of spagetti into my face. "Hey" he said "you awake?" i sat up and looked around, i was in a cafeteria, sitting at a table with the boy who had ban trying to feed me and another boy. The second one cought my attention though he had a scar along his jaw and long-ish brown almost black hair, he was looking at me... he had gorgeous green eyes... he was pretty cute. He smiled at me ever so lightly then sort of chuckled as though sharing a private joke with himself. "James" he said "leave her alone, if she's hungrey she'll eat" he said looking at the other boy... James. "Sorry..." James mutterd looking down at his food. My bag was at my feet, i grabed it and ran, knocking over the chair as i went.
I ran and ran till i was lost. I looked at the map of the school looking for my room 26B geart how am i gonna find it? I thought just then i saw a girl no older then 7 or 8. I hadn't been planing on talking to anyone but.. i needed to find my room. "Excuse me" i said she looked up and smiled "Hi" she said. "Ummm hi..I was wondering if you could tell me where 26B is..." i said "Oh! your the new girl" she said smiling even wider "ummm yea" "Jenny Paige, right?" she asked. "umm yeah" "I'm Emilie and I'm your room mate" Oh..." i said.

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