So after submitting a TL;DR journal entry, Gaia (more like Gaya, amirite?) ******** up and mai entry is lost. So nao, ai'm gunna spend this entry bitching aboot hao gaia sucks rather than writing about mah feelings. So if you doont like walls of text with nothing but complaining, doon't read this entry. First of all, everyone knows gaia crossed the line by selling themselves out to GetGambit. It makes me sick to mai stomach thinking about the number of people (mostly innocent adolescents) gettin scammed. I have not received mai GC. The goddamn free offers that were oh exploitable stopped paying out. If Gaia turns a blind eye to this b/s, there is something severely wrong with them (not that there isn't something already wrong with gaia). On top of that, Gaia makes over 9000 changes to their site (all of them which suck) in just a month. I am starting to wonder wai ai ever decided to join in the first place and spend money on them. scream