I decided to start a new entry about my martial arts.
considering I'm a Ronin in the way of the sword and spear I have decided to put a log of my technical strikes and combinations.

-an art should come from the heart, though we write down our moves? i guess sometimes we need to remind ourselves whats in our hearts as well.-

kaihou-omooi (open mind) : in a fight a loose mind is a loose art, don't dodge a strike flow with the strike.

kaihou-te (open hand) : the sword is an extension of our arm, why do you tighten your grip on your sword so soon? when we punch we loosen our grip and on the moment of impact we tighten our grip, as we should with our sword or spear.

ni tou-kabutomushi (two swords, rhinoceros beetle) : the rhinoceros beetle is all round armored and strikes whats in front of it from down-up, one sword above head and one sword as low as the knees both facing the enemy. show no movement until the enemy moves one step away from your strike, step forward with your back leg and strike your upper sword down and your lower sword up.
-make sure to keep a deep stance. (nachuo sogi in korean, not sure of any other way to explain it.)