Hmm.. should I bother to start a journal if I know I will barely use it?

(especially since I barely use Gaia in general...)

But if I ever happen to stumble upon this entry in the future. I'd like to remember myself of how blissful life currently is. Of course there are ups and downs all the time. So who knows, the future might hide some really tough challenges?
But in this very moment, in the past few months and many upcoming months... I know for sure that life is just about perfect.

I married a month ago... and now my husband got this really amazing job opportunity from a really high paying and internationally famous company. For the sake of privacy, I prefere not to give too many details. But considering that he just barely started to take german classes and this being his first job after university... he really is so lucky to get a headquarter placement this quickly (and hard working of course... lucky and hard working.. haha). I doubt its necessary to say how proud I am of him pulling this off. <3

Adding to that, I am now 5 months pregnant, or 20 weeks to be exact.
Though we have to wait two more days to be 100% sure, everything points at our baby being a cute boy! I didn't have any gender preferences anyways, but I think my husband is really happy with the thought of raising a little football player.
Though he also looks forward to a little girl in the future who will praise and love him like a king... hahaha.

Though our home here is very modern and beautiful, we are now considering to move into a bigger and a bit more comfortable place. This house was really nice to live in as a young couple but with a little kid... I'd rather give up modernity for the sake of some comfort and play-space inside and outside of the house.
So we are looking into finding something new.

I am already so exited about next year! Moving to a house with more of a "family" athmosphere. The birth of our baby. & our spain holiday!

We had this holiday planned since one year ago. My parents wanted to rent a summer house with swimming pool in spain, and invite my "new" little family as well as my brother (who is just 3 years younger and currently studying abroad).
I forgot if they rented three seperate little houses with a shared swimmingpool.. or if it is one house divided into three appartments with pool... but in any case, I am absolutely thrilled! Haha.
It really is so nice of my parents to do this with us, as our budget is still limited. I mean, we just started our life outside of university. And we are more focused on saving up to buy a house in some years than spending money on travelling. But I do love to travel! Plus, going on summer holiday abroad is something my family did pretty much every year of my childhood since I can remember... its like a tradition that I wouldn't want my kid to miss out on!

It will be the first summer vacation for me, my husband and our baby together... our first holiday as a little "family". >_<!!! Many beautiful memories ahead.

Wow, that was a long rambling... maybe I should just buy a diary to write these things down from now on?! :3