02 Aug 2013

Well, so far it's been a fairly relaxing day/night. I played on the xbox, watched tv, and talked to my grandparents. I slept through my 0400-0430 alarms and ended up waking up around 0830, so I some how knew that it was going to be a sit around and relax type of day. Anyways my arms and legs are still somewhat sore from Future Soldier training out at the Army recruiting station on wednesday, but it's ok because I'm only getting stronger and in better shape for when time to go to Basic Training comes around. I'm so excited to go but I've got to wait alittle longer. When I go off it's gonna be a change for good from civilian to soldier for me. I'm hoping to do the 20+ years and retire but who knows maybe my plans will change as I go. Until then have a nice day.