SO here's the deal , if you want to appear in the manga (randomly) you'll have to do the following:

1- Upload an image of you avatar (front and back) to image shack. here is an example of my avatar
2- Paste that as a comment to this journal!
3- Add one line that you're character will say in manga (this will be like an identifier for you, so that you know that this is YOU), example of a line (Oh I love pancakes!!) .. be creative wink
4- PM me to notify me that you submitted your avatar.

SOME RULES ..(to make my life easier)

1- Please keep your avatar simple .. (what I mean here is , no Crazy Avatars that are crowded with details are allowed)
2- No backgrounds (bg) will be drawn, so please remove them before saving a picture of your avatar. (no black night red moon bg thing, or weird characters etc. )
3- Some accessories may be reduced, example: if you see the flame swords in my avatar, the flames might be removed if your character is in Barton town for example. same rule applies to big animals (i.e. tigers , wolves, dragons,, etc) as they are more fitting for a fight scene wink
4- If you have any questions, just PM me.

Q1: How do I get my avatar ready for submission?
A1: 1- Go to MyGaia>Avatar.
2- Uncheck the box of the background under you avatar
3- Right click your avatar then click "save as"
4- Do the same for the back of you avatar
5- open them in paint and put both of them into one image, or just send both them separately.

Q2: How Many people submitted their Avi's?
A2: So Far 8 people submitted their Avi's 1 of the 8 already appeared in the manga (check my last journal to know who they are)

Q3: Where can I follow the latest update of the manga?
A2: to view the whole manga Click Here

well, I cant wait to hear from you guys!
as a final note I would like to tell you that people would most probably appear in order of posting, so if you post first you'll appear first =D

take care guys 3nodding