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Scott's Song Log
These are all my sings i have made throughout my life expressing how i feel each day.....
My latest song
Always And Forever

Since I met you baby,
I have let my past go,
And thought of my future,
With you baby.

I never thought,
That I would laugh again,
After my Heart,
Was ripped to shreds.

You came and fixed up my heart,
Without even trying baby,
And now it belongs to you.

I would die for you,
I’d never want to see a tear,
Fall from your lovely eyes.

My entire life baby,
It all belongs to you now,
I hope you never make me leave.

You are my love for eternity,
Always and forever baby,
Till the end of time my love.

Since you came in my life,
I have been able to feel again,
You are my love and always will,
Till the end of my existence.

I know you are the one for me,
And I would walk forever,
Till I saw you smile.

I may be strange to some,
And my love confusing,
But all of my emotions,
Are true.

All I can really say,
Is that I Love You,
Always and Forever,
Till the end of time my love.

I may not be perfect,
I May have flaws,
But you have looked around them,
And told me you loved me.

To me this is true love,
To others I am insane,
But the one thing I shall say,

Those who detest my love for you,
Are the ones I shall never see,
Unless they start to give up,
And accept our love.

I was once within shadow,
Scared of my own reflection,
Until you came into my life,
Being my shooting star.

I owe you my soul,
And I shall never let anyone,
Hurt you my love.

So there is no need,
To be afraid just tell me,
When times are bad,
And I shall tell you things are ok.

I never want to see,
Tears of sadness,
Fall from your perfect eyes,
Only tears of joy.

I will be there,
To keep you up standing and strong,
Through those tough times,
Even if it means disappearing into memory.

Ill Be with you,
Through it all,
Even when you don’t want me to,
I’ll always be there to catch you if you fall.

Without you baby,
I would have gone insane,
Within that hell of a darkness,
You pulled me out of that hell,
Now I owe you my eternal devotion baby.

And now this is how I feel about you,
I hope that I can make you love me,
For who I am my love.

The New Keeper

We Only Passed Each Other,
Through the Hallways of Life,
Just waving at each other,
Always making me smile.

Then one day my heart,
Went into shadow,
But she showed me,
That there could be worse.

So now I only love her,
Never Wanting her to leave,
I want to devote my soul,
To making her smile.

And now she is the,
Keeper of my heart,
The key to my eternal,

My Heart was dark,
Till she showed me,
The better way of life,
So now I am In Love.

Now That She Knows,
How I Feel,
All I Want To Say Is,
I Love You.

Grim Night

There Was A Grim Voice,
Within The Shadows,
I Look Around Within The Darkness,
But Only Saw The Night Sky.

I Wondered Why,
You Came For Me,
I Never Understood,
Your Reason.

I Saw Your Figure,
Within That Dark Abyss,
I Was Worried At First,
But Then I Understood Why.

When I Went Into My Room,
I Saw My Body On The Ground,
Drowning In A Puddle Of Blood,
The Crimson Color Filled The Room.

My Eyes Shinned With Anger,
As I Looked Around For A Clue,
I Saw A Knife Within My Hand,
Then I Remembered It All.

The Vision Of Anger And Sorrow,
After My Dreams Went Away,
My Heart Torn Apart,
I Didn’t Feel Any Sorrow,
After That Vision.

I Walked Over To The Reaper,
Then Heard His Dead Voice,
Within His Eyes I Saw Faces,
Of Tortured Souls From Before.

I Took His Word As I Followed Him,
To That Dark Portal Spiraling,
With My Eyes Lifeless Again,
Now I Say.

I Wondered Why,
You Came For Me,
I Never Understood,
Your Reason.

Now That I Am Gone,
I Have Sworn,
To Get My Revenge,
On You.

So Here Is My..,
For Now But Next Time,
I Shall Not END.

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