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Ember and Vapor
This is a role play story about a flareon and eevee who find danger, funny moments, and possibly love. (if you see a huge gap between paragraphs, it means it switches points of view)
The name is Ember. I'm a Flareon and really don't want to talk about my family. Anyway, I am 2 and a half (21 years old in human years) and I accidently transformed into a Flareon a week after I was born and ran away from home about a year ago. I travel and like to explore new places but..lately, I've been feeling a little lonely.
Sleeping on a rock near a calm river, I heard a twig snap. An ear twitched as I slowly looked across the river to a small bush. The bush started to rustle and I crouched, preparing an attack. "Whoever is hiding, please reveal yourself!," I yelled. A brown paw emerged and then another as an Eevee stepped into my veiw.
"Hey there! I didn't mean to frighten you," He said. I gasped silently, and felt my cheeks turn red. He stared silently at me as if deciding wether or not to approach. Then he jumped into the river and swam towards me. He's a suprisingly good swimmer. He climbed onto the reeds, dripping wet and panting slightly.
I turned to face him as he smiled and said, "My name is Vapor."
"My name is Ember." Vapor's cheeks got slightly red. I silently studied him. Vapor was about in inch taller than me and seemed about my age.
"Are you new here?," Vapor asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Uhh...yah. I travel anywhere and I just happened to come across this river. I didn't mean to intrude on your territory. But...if it's not too much trouble, do you know if I can stay here tonight?"

Vapor instantly smiled. " Sure Ember. It's not a bother to me at all." He looked at the mid-day sun, then at Ember.
"I'm glad," Ember said, slightly smiling. Arceus, Ember looks...beautiful. Vapor's heart was pounding as Ember blushed. "Come on. I'll show a spot, not far from here," Vapor said, as he got up and jumped back into the river and started to swim. Only seconds after he jumped, Vapor heard a splash. He looked back at Ember, who already caught up to him, slightly struggling.
"Want some help?," He asked.
"No, thanks," Ember panted, " But I can manage." Vapor reached the other side and pulled himself up, as Ember did the same. She shook all the water then nodded. Vapor turned and went to a tree right beside the bush. He looked at Ember. "We're going to have to get there by hopping on tree branches though."
"That's ok. I'm an expert climber," Ember giggled. Vapor used agility to get on the lowest branch, 50 feet above the ground. Vapor stared in awe as Ember jumped on the bush , then used the moment to run up-side the tree, and gracefully landed on the branch. Vapor grinned and pointed to north east with his paw. " That's the way to my home. Want to race?"
Ember looked like she fire in her eyes. "You are on," She grinned and crouched," One...two...three!" She set off quickly. Hahaha!, Vapor thought. Vapor quickly hopped from one branch to another, with Ember and him crossing paths over one another. Ember laughed as did Vapor. About a minute later, Vapor stopped as Ember started to slow down.

Seeing Vapor slow down meant the race was over. Ember giggled," I wonder who won?" She hopped two branches behind her as Vapor jumped to the ground, almost squishing a caterpie. Ember did the same except she almost tripped over the stupid bug. She sighed out smoke. "These caterpie seem to be everywhere I've traveled so far," She grumbled.
"Not much further, just around a huge rock...which is right behind you," Vapor whispered, probably for dramatic puposes. Ember turned around and stared at it. It was big but...looked liked it had carvings.
"Do you know what these carvings are?," Ember asked, trying to determain where one carving ended and the other began.
"Sure...the carvings are of Eevee and all the evolutions," Vapor said as he looked at Ember. She suddenly saw how each carving flowed into one another. Her observing was interrupted by Vapor's body brushing against hers. She blushed. Following Vapor, she stepped into a sun-lit meadow. " Wow...," Ember gasped. Then she saw Vapor staring at her.
" It's so...pretty. And I thought a waterfall was beautifu."
"You're beautiful," Vapor sighed. Ember turned to him and really blushed.
"Sorry," Vapor whispered. He looked away, ears drooping. Ember tapped him on the shoulder. Vapor looked into her eyes, full of hope. Then Ember licked his cheek. She suddenly got embarrassed and looked away, towards the sun. " You know, I enjoy the warmth of the sun and how the breeze randomly comes...," Ember sighed and looked at Vapor with a slight smile. He was slightly blushing.

Vapor was still shocked that Ember "kissed" him. "Uhh...my home is here, so you can sleep anywhere you like." Then he heard Ember's stomach growl loudly.
"Hehehe...I haven't been able to catch anything this morning," Ember said nervously. Vapor's ears twitched.
"Maybe I can help you hunt, if you want me to join you," Vapor was full of hope. Ember smiled.
"That's nice Vapor," Ember looked around the meadow," Do you know where I can find some magicarp?" Vapor's heart started to pump a little faster.
"Sure. There's a little pond full of magicarp just south of here. But I warn you," Vapor chuckled," I'm not very good at catching them." Ember laughed.
"Now this I must see," She giggled," I could teach you if you don't mind." Vapor felt excited, something he hadn't felt in a long time. He got up and started walking through the soft grass, leaving a trail of his paw prints.
"Hey Vapor? Do you live alone or travel like me?"
Without looking back, his tone became serious," My dad became caught by a trainer before I was born, so I never knew him. My mom got attacked and killed by a Ninetails a month after I was born...so yes, I do leave alone, but I won't leave until I find that Ninetails...," He heard Ember's steps start to slow down a bit.
"I'm sorry I asked Vapor...you didn't have to tell me if you didn't want to."
He stopped to turn to Ember and looked her straight in the eye. "If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have told you, now would I?" Ember stared at him, comepletely speechless, her mouth gaping wide open. Vapor sat close to her and nuzzled his head against her cheek.

Ember didn't know what to say at all. He actually trusts me? But how do I really feel about him? She stepped away from Vapor's nuzzle. "Sorry," Ember looked away," I'm glad you trust me but, I don't know if I'm ready to be mates with someone...," Vapor back off slowly, his ears and tail drooping. He nodded slowly.
"I get it," then his tail twitched. "I think I hear magicarp," Vapor sniffed the air and grinned," Teach me Miss Ember."
Keeping my tone light and stern, I smiled, " Are you ready for an embarrassing lesson for yourself?"
"Yes! I am ready to make a fool of myself!," Vapor bursted out laughing and I did too. Then he jumped behind the reeds as I heard a small splash. Slowly poking my head through the reeds, I noticed there was a pond and at the very edge was Vapor, running back and forth to the pond and me. I giggled as he sat right behind me.
"Ok. First lesson- always observe. Come here and sit next to me and watch the master," Vapor sat next to me as a magicarp stared at me and swam away. I crouched, my muscles compressing and compressing. Then, with the energy released in one motion, I sprang. The water felt ice cold to me, the cold seeping through my body. Letting an inward sigh, a magicarp was within my grasp. With a burst of speed, I covered its eyes with my paws and bit on one side. I felt my lungs were on fire, but the surface wasn't too far. Quickly swimming to fresh air, my head throbbed as I put the magicarp on the ground next to Vapor, panting slightly. "You saw I did it right?" Vapor nodded, "Good. Now you try."

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