"We've had to travel the bare earth for more than 6 years though the trouble started 12 years ago. The government tried to help the world by creating the ultimate medicine. It was suppose to cure us of all dieases and any future ones. But it had effects, it turn some in to zombies." burning_eyes "Hey don't tell them that!" confused "Okay, not "zombies" because there not zombies apperently." stare "Okay I'll takeover the story they're not zombies there mutants. Then all of america broke out into a massacure. The army or navy or anything else for that matter could'nt be defeated by the remaining army and so on. So few people were left in america and world for that matter. some on the other were'nt mutated in a way. But they received special abilites. Some useful others not so much. But thats what the shape of the world is in right now so we will show you more soon but till then see you soon."