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They say life isn't fair; no that's only when people are dying from an incurable disease. People aren't fair.
Bloody Ceremony
I hung onto my father's arm, taking deep breaths. My heart was beating heavily; I could feel it thud against my chest. Zilayos, dear sun god, help me... My father looked down at me,

"Take it easy, love, we're almost there." I heard him speak, but that didn't help. I wanted to marry this man, but at the same time, didn't. I wasn't ready. I'm still a child. I can't marry someone six years older than me. Damn, this isn't right. I have to do this. Not for myself, but for Mother and Father...

Before I knew it, my father pulled away and I was left standing next to him. I looked up through that transparent white veil, and my heart leapt. Oh he was so handsome: that dark skin that rivaled light, those beaming ruby eyes and that silvery hair. He smiled warmly and took my hand,

"Nervous?" I envied his courage; something I could never gain. Ever. I swallowed a hard spot in my throat and nodded. He squeezed my hand and looked straight ahead at the priest, who was smiling back at the both of us. I wasn't too sure what to do or what to say. I can't really tell if I was panicking or just really nervous but I had a very strong feeling something wasn't right.

We had exchanged vows, those eyes looking down at me, and I could see myself in those blood-colored eyes. I stared back and I knew he saw himself in mine. He spoke gently in that smooth tone that almost made me melt, and I usually hate when he does that so unexpectedly,

"I will always love you, Alleria Roseblossom, my beautiful wife." He placed his hands around me, pressing me against himself and leaned down, lips inching closer to mine. My body fought against my mind as I closed my eyes, leaning up to meet his lips. I could feel his hot breath upon my skin, but that sweet and spinning moment was broken. I was pushed out of the way, my eyes shooting open to see an arrow whiz between me and my new husband.

My people's screams echoed, panic filling the gardens. Everything was tossed and trampled down, horses stampeding through, soldiers fighting on their backs. The guards, archers and swordsmen brought up their weapons to defend the helpless. I looked around quickly, my father's wolves being summoned in our aid. However, I saw nor my father or my darkened husband and that's when I really panicked.

I ran for cover, unsure of what to really do. I wanted to fight back, but had no weaponry. The invaders were of human kind and that's when I truly knew that this was going to happen. One human, no less than eighteen fell before me, dead, three arrows sticking out of his chest, one out of his throat as blood spewed beneath him. Dear Zilayos...

Horses reared up, crying out as the wolves tore at them and their riders, creating a massacre of bodies. More humans emerged from nowhere, bringing in make-shift catapults and attacked my people and my home furthermore. I mustered what little courage existed and grabbed the young man's sword from his hand, running in to help push back these humans. I remembered the training my father put me through, and the skills I had obtained in defending myself. I took down a few of the humans, feeling the warmth of their blood splatter on my face, arms and on my mother's gown. I couldn't believe this was happening; I was scared, yes, but at the same time, vengeful.

When most of the battle had died down, I saw my father, and I smiled at the sight of him, "Father!" I cried and ran towards him. But before I could reach him, I saw a blade pierce through his back and stick out from his chest. I stopped in my tracks and everything around me slowed to a such a pace, it was like it all had ceased.

"Alleria..." I heard him mouth my name, and he was kicked down to the ground, behind him standing the man in a captain's armor. Long, brown messy hair blew in the wind, facial hair decorating his lower face, those stunning gray eyes staring back at me. He cleaned off his sword, and began to approach me. I wanted to run, wanted to scream, wanted to cut his heart out all at the same time, but I just stood there. I froze, and he came closer.

"So sorry you had to see this, little one." He mocked, using the sword's tip to lift up the chain to my wolf pendant. I pulled back and muttered,

"Why...why did you do this?"

"I have to. It is my destiny. It is the Alliance's destiny to vanquish all that can be corrupted. It is the only way to salvation." He explained, scratching his chin with those leather worn gloves.

"You're corrupted." I narrowed my eyes, feeling immense rage. "It is you who has to die! But you will not seek salvation; only the burning hole of the demons' blades when you meet them!" I shouted. I disbelieved this was me shouting all of those horrible things at this human. It was all a misunderstanding; this all didn't make any sense.

"We shall see, child." He smirked and lifted his sword high to crash it down on me. Quickly, I drew mine up and the moment he came down, this blade pierced into his side. He choked, freezing up in that offensive position, eyes wide. I stared back at him, seeing he really wasn't that old, nor that young. He coughed, but didn't pull back. He breathed in deep through his nose and closed his eyes before shooting them open again and roared at me, swinging the sword down hard onto mine and shattered it like glass. I fell back, holding just the hilt and gazed at the shards, before up at him.

"Captain Valeros!" I heard a soldier cry out, and knew it was this man staring back at me. However, he didn't respond,

"You, child, shall no nothing of sweetened salvation." He drew the blade back once more, holding it at an angle. I couldn't find myself moving anymore. I was struck hard with fear, and before I realized it, his blade struck me in the chest. I felt that painful sting, crunching through skin and bone, breaking blood vessels and pierce my heart. Blood drenched Mother's gown, his sword and my life. I gasped for breath, stared up at this captain with sorrow and fell back; fell off his sword and onto the earth.

I clutched at the grass beneath me, and drew my last breath.

Ezelia Starsong
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Ezelia Starsong
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