Me and Jonsi met as children. Roaming around California isn't
the best way to start out your life. Jonsi and I were the average runaways, looking
for a place in the world. We both had a secret.
Jonsi and I weren't always together. Occasionally we would
seperate and have personal time. Of course, no matter how close you are to someone,
there is always something they can't know about you.
Everytime we seperated, I went behind the bakery. I'm not sure
where Jonsi went, but he'd always dash into the bakery and when we'd meet up again,
he'd be walking out of the general store.
One day, he tapped on the back window of the bakery and watched
me. I froze. He had found out my secret.
Everytime we sepereated, I had gone behind the bakery and found
stray cats or any human stupid enough to go into the alley, and devoured it.
I am a savage.
I am a massacre.
I am a vampire.

Jonsi looked astonished by what he saw. I'd expected him to run away and tell everyone on the street. I'd expected him to be scared and never talk to me again. I'd expected him to faint.
Instead, Jonsi stepped outside. He took one step closer to me and looked at my meal. A woman's leg. Smooth, skinny and white.
I wanted him to back away. He came closer. I wanted him to shriek. He grinned.
"You're a vampire." He chuckled. I watched his lips mouth the word 'vampire'.
My eyes widened. I nodded. Jonsi starred into my eyes. Unnaffected by my stare. He chuckled again and it made me explode on the inside. It made me wonder what was so funny to him. I was eating someone that could have been him at the right time.
"Me too." was the last thing I heard before he stood and ran.
Blankly, I starred onto the streets. I was snapped out of my wonder when a woman appeared and asked if I needed an aid.
I did.