It's snowing. I'm not really excited about the snow, I'm just sitting on the side of the road, waiting for my dad to come home. I've been sitting here for hours.I can't say that the skiing suit is not doing it's job, but i feel like a frozen pizza.I could go in if I want, but I just don't want to, my mom is inside and as soon as I came in without my dad all the fun with my dad I've been waiting months for would have to wait. You see, Today is the day my dad has a day off from work. We watch movies, go downtown and play football on the computer. My dad is not like my mom, I can play with him, my mom is very nervous all the time and crossing her limits would mean detention that lasts for a week, includes having no fun at all, going to school, studying and washing the dishes. That's why I hate her sometimes.Even though my parents can be good, I think I would live better if I were on my own, when I have to do something I tend to start liking to do it, So I would get a job. I would like to move to Germany when I'm old enough to travel alone.
There I sat with a paper with letters written on it, smelling the cold winter air.Sudden noise and unclear air.Dust came into my mouth and I started coughing. My dad was home. I ran to hug him then got in, ready for the event i needed to relax.