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Chapter 1: False Paradise
Chapter 1: A Year and A Week In Advance
Sora stared outside the window of his seat on the train. Colorful buildings, tall green trees, and various people, short and tall littered the streets and Sora sighed softly and leaned back into his not-so-comfortable seat. After sitting on that train for a tedious 9 hours and to be honest, he became restless 7 hours ago.

'She lies and tries to sleep,
But the thought of a better life is far out of reach.
I never wanted this.
I never meant to lie.
But in my own defense I was the one that tried'

Sora let his gaze sink down to his sleek black iPhone 4G as the screen lit up. The name "Leon" was flashing in bold steel grey letters. He smiled as he tapped the answer button and held it so his ear.

"Hello?" Sore tried his hardest to sound as if he just woken up. In the end, however, it turned out useless.

"Where are you Sora?" The voice on the other end sounded rather demented, but the young brunette on the train couldn't help but smile wider.

"I'm still on the train, Leon."

"Are you in Shibuya yet?" Leon asked impatiently.

"No Leon."

"How much longer until it arrives?"

"Probably 30 minutes after you quit asking me that?" Sora said exasperated. Leon sighed, exasperated himself. "Why are you rushing the train anyways?"

"They're becoming too excited..." Leon stated bluntly.

"And by 'excited' you mean 'destructive beyond all reason'? Sora corrected.

Leon simply sighed at his comment. Sora knew he hit right button. The triplets: Kairi Gessekai, Xion Kusari, and Namine Kioku and their best friend Selphie Tilmitt were Sora's best friends from kinder garden, with crazy intentions. They made a group called Lights of the Sky, which were only for their 'Missions'. Kairi was the oldest and the leader of their group of sisterly, trouble-making misfits, the mastermind of the group. Xion was the second oldest in the group; the strongest and served as the brawns. Selphie was older than Namine and since Namine wasn't exactly up for trouble making, she let Selphie take her spot as intellect. They girls decided that their base of operations was Leon's new house and were currently on their 28th mission titled: What Makes Leon Tick. The older brunette wasn't the kind to admit defeat however.

"Just call me when you get to the station, Got it? And remember: 278 Nagashika-shi in the A-East district." Leon spoke slowly so his younger brother could understand the last part. Sora acknowledged his answer with a snicker of sort as the older hung up the phone to deal with the girls. He closed his sapphire pools for a second then reopened them, sliding his headphones into his ears and plugging the headphones into the jack on phone. He played Let's Cheers To This by Sleeping with Sirens and tried to relax himself.

'Shibuya...' the teen thought to himself. A Teenagers' Paradise of the latest trends and the greatest friends. He hoped that it wasn't a pure hell...

Suddenly, he heard a sound that emitted from the speakers of the train. He turned down the music to listen.

"Next stop: West Shibuya Station, Tokyo Line." the announcer over the train's PA system. Sora rubbed his eyes before he grabbed his bag and placed it on the seat next to him. Sunlight flashed through the trees and into the window, lighting up his hearts-shaped face. He lifted his hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the rays.

"Thanks Leon..." Sora smiled to himself. The events leading up to that day was pretty quick. But the day Sora remembered that clearest was when Leon came back after a year.

August 31, 2010

Sora sat on his favorite spot on the Paopu tree. His sapphire blue pools were watched the horizon, where the water elegantly met the sky.

Truly majestic...

His home town or more like his -second, temporary home- Destiny Islands was calm and quiet for the most part. Whenever the world wasn't 'home', the world was peaceful. A few miles off the coast of the mainland was a smaller island where the smaller children played. It was their stomping ground. Bushy green palm trees and bushes, surrounded the back of the island, while white sand served as the carpet. Tree houses covered the higher trees. To the right, towards the front of the island was a shack with stares that lead to a high platform of land. Across from the original platform had an awkwardly shaped tree that bore star-shaped fruit known only as Paopu fruit. Connecting them was a long wide wooden bridge.


The brunette looked behind him and blinked. A tall man, about 6'5", with almost similar spiky brown hair that slicked back and highly unusual steel grey pools was walking towards him. He sported a black muscle shirt with a dragon decal on the back that was nicely pressed against his toned semi-tan abs while his hands were stuffed inside the pockets of his leather pants.

"Hey kiddo." the man said as he smiled.

Sora hopped down from the Paopu tree and walked over to him slowly. Once he was about 3 feet away, he lunged himself at the man in a bone crushing hug.

"Leon! You came back!" Sora cried. He felt the tears flow down from sapphire pools and down to his chin. He wiped them quickly as he looked up to the older brunette. "I...I thought you were gone the summer. Why are you here?"

Leon patted his brother's head and chuckled as he took a small step backwards. "What? You're not happy to see me?"

Sora gave him his famous pout and punched his arm the harshly he can. Leon was stronger so it had no effect on him. "Of course I am, you a*****e!" Sora let a light huff escape his pouty lips. "But why are you here? Can you at least tell me that?"

Understanding slightly, the older brunette nodded. "Remember, back when you were 11, that time you told mom and Ansem you were gay?"

Sora's whole world stopped spinning. He grimaced at his brother's words and allowed his gaze to sink to the ground. His pale hands unconsciously went straight to his wrist, tightening and loosening like his pulse.


He was gay. The realization to this was that he never liked girls. As friends: maybe. But as a girlfriend: not a snowballs chance in hell. He didn't even want to marry a woman - much Less go out with one. And to add insult to injury, His best friends were girls. When Sora had told his mother and her current boyfriend Ansem, everything changed for the worst. His mother shunned him and vowed to look t him with disgust and hatred in her empty black eyes. Ansem on the other hand, just increased Sora's torture. He was never t just the type to talk s**t; he was a hands-on individual. It didn't matter how or when he received it but it was the same pain. Cutting, stabbing, kicking, smashing, punching, breaking, choking; all of the above. It was anything he could think of and more. The doctors at Destiny Memorial Hospital, the only hospital on Destiny Islands, were very fond of Sora Leonheart. Once they paged his name, all the doctors knew the deal. Deep scars, extreme blood loss, broken bones, fractured ribs, so on and so forth. His injuries caused him to become an outcast at school as well. With the scars, he was known as 'Emo'. Broken bones, as 'The Masochist'. With the rest, he was known as 'Sore-a**'. This went on for 5 years before his brother Leon decided that his torture should be concluded.

"Yeah, I remember... 5 years of straight torture..." Sora concluded.

"And last year I promised to help you." The younger brunette looked up as Leon placed one hand upon his shoulder. "Did I not?"

Sora nodded to him. "You did..."

Leon nodded back then smacked his brother's back one time as reassurance, consequently almost knocking the poor brunette over. "That applies to now."
Sora looked up as Leon pulled a black box from his messenger bag and handed it to him. The 16 year old boy stared at it and shook it.

"What is it?" he asked. The oldest, of course, played coy.

"Read the card." he suggested. Leon then handed over an emerald envelope. Sora opened it and pulled a small paperback book with an awkward type of emblem on the cover. When Sora attempted to read it, vague gibberish was all he could see.

"Uhhh...What the hell is this?" were all Sora's words when he squinted to read the small print.

"That's your passport." Leon explained. The younger brunette simply nodded slowly. Then he blinked.

"Wait...passport?" Sora questioned.

"Yes Sora. Passport." Sora nodded once again then

Awkward silence...

"Sora, you still don't get it, do you?" Leon sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"No." Sora spoke quickly.

"Just open the box."

The young boy stared at the box and lifted the top. A sleek black iPhone 4G sat on it's black velvet cushion, shiny and brand new.

"Oh my god..." Sora said, his mouth agape in awe. He stared at the box as Leon ruffled his hair. "This...This is for me?"

"Well, yeah. If you're going to live with me in Shibuya, You’re going to need a cellphone."
~*Flashback End*~

And here he was now. Leon had told him a week in advance that he would be leaving for Shibuya and that Sora had to pack everything he wanted to bring. His train ticket had been paid for and everything. The very minute he returned to Earth, he noticed that the train had come to a stop.

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