I was having a really good dream. Tony was home from tour, finally. It had been months but my baby was back from tour. he was between my legs making me feel great. He was writing his name on my p***y with his tongue. Dear god, I could feel each letter he was so thorough.
"******** Tone, you haven't done that in so long. Come on baby, make me come. It's been so long." I said pulling his hair roughly. I was almost there. Almost theeerr-
I had woken up, I knew it was morning because light was flooding our room, but it still felt like tony was eating me out. I looked down and he was. The covers were thrown too the side, and my panties were gone. Tony had pulled me too the end of the bed, and I hadn't even woken up. "Oh god tone, when did you get here." I said sitting up still pulling his hair.
"Just now baby, I can feel you. You're almost there." He said the words still buried between my legs, and his lips moved against my c**t then he took it between his teeth. "ah..oh god. Dios Mio! Tony why would you do this too me!" I screamed as he grated his teeth softly against my c**t over and over again.
He stopped moving away from my slick folds and shoving me back on the bed. He put my legs over his shoulders and cupped my a** in his hands shoving my p***y against his face. He looked up at me as he bit my c**t softly again. The way he was biting me, and the eye contact got me. I came apart.
When I came down tony was laying on his back next too me.I turned my head and kissed him sucking on his bottom lip until he let me in. I stroked his tongue with mine for a moment before pulling away."I have to get ready for work." I said rolling on top of him and sitting on his hips. "No stay with me, I want to ******** all day with my beautiful girl friend that I haven't seen in months." Tony said childishly as he reached down and started squeezing my a**.
He was making my swollen c**t rub against the bulge in his jeans. I put my hand on his chest after a minute and swallowed thickly. "No tone, I have too go to work." I said before getting off of him. I crawled off the bed, and walked to the bathroom.
"Come on (y/N) we never have sex in the morning's anymore. We haven't done that since we first got together!" He yelled after me.
"Tony, I said no. I have to go to work." I turned on the water. Tony walked into the bathroom, and he looked pissed. " You never want too have sex anymore. When we got together we ******** all the time. We were like ******** bunny rabbits. You wanted to do it everywhere. When we went out, when we woke up, I ******** you during my cousin's wedding because you pulled me into the bathroom just before the ceremony started. You hardly ever want to have sex anymore. You've let all the spice in our relationship go."
He yelled as he turned the water off. "I've let all the spice go? Really, I did?" I said. I turned the water back on and let it start getting hot again. "How about you told all your friends, and after that they always made shitty sex jokes, and comments when I was around. Did you ever think maybe that bothered me? It did." It didn't but I was using it now. " Whatever, you went along with them. How was I too know they made you mad? You never come onto me anymore. We only have sex at night when we're at home, and you only let me get you off once. I used to get you off several times. Once is a quicky for us. Or at least it used to be. do you hate me, do you want somebody else? Or am I just not good enough now?"
"Oh what the ******** ever tony! I'm not even having this conversation right now. I don't even have time for a shower anymore." I shut the water off and took my t shirt off leaving me naked. I dropped it in the hamper. I moved too walk past him, and he got in my way. "Tony get the ******** out of the way. I have to go to work." I said sternly. I refused to look into his eyes, and moved to push him out of the way.
Finally he got out of the way and I walked into our bedroom. I pulled on underwear and a bra. I snatched the star wars t shirt tony gave me off the hanger, and then a high wasted black lace balloon skirt. Newt I pulled on knee socks and shiny black stilletos. I had always dressed sort of quirky and racy, and today was no different.
I took a minute to put some mousse in my hair and did a dry scrunch. I wiped my face off with a cotton ball and then did quick makeup. I grabbed my purse and my phone. "i'll see you later." Was all I said before I left.
I cut a million girls hair today but I don't remember any of them. I've been thinking about tone all day.when I got home it was really late, and he was already in bed. I walked over and looked at his face. He looked so peaceful. Not mad like he was this morning. I leaned down and kissed his lips before changing into his tony the turtle love before glory tank and slipping into bed.
Tony was still asleep when I woke up. I smiled. I would fix this. I crawled under the blankets and pulled his boxers off. He already had morning wood. Good.
I started by licking him from base to tip then I start sucking on the tip. He started to wake up and I expertly took him to the back of my throat. I waited and then he was awake I could tell. He pulled the covers off and saw me. I took my mouth off of him and smile. "Hey baby, I was just...Um returning the favor?" I said shrugging like I'd been caught doing something wrong.
"I'm going to uh..go take a shower now. Wanna come?" I said getting off the bed.
I took my t shirt off and smirked at him. I turned around and walked too the bathroom discarding my undies as I went. I turned on the water, then I was turned around and shoved against the wall. I felt his hard on against my stomach as he pushed his mouth roughly against mine holding my chin in a vice grip. Oh god, he was going to be dominating. I love it when he does this.No, he can't I don't have time for anything but teasing this morning. I had only planned on making him mad, and then letting him punish me tonight. I had to regain control.
I bit his lip sharply and nudged him away with my face."Shower." was the only thing I said as I pushed him off of me and turned my back on him pulling the shirt over my head and taking off my panties. I stepped into the shower, and let the hot spray hit me. I closed my eyes letting it calm my raging hormones. I heard the curtain rings and then he was behind me. Turning me around again. I was pushed against the wall, and he was holding me there with his hips, pinning me.
He started kissing me again grinding his hips against me. Oh god, he's so hard. This is distracting. I shake my head, trying to break free but he won't let me and so I bite him again. He pulls back licking his sore lip. "I'll bite you harder next time. I need to shower for work." I said pushing him away and grabbed my shampoo.
I lather it in my hands before starting my hair. I wash it thoroughly and then rinse. Then conditioner. Tony is behind me, I can feel the heat radiating off his body but he's just standing there. I know he's mad and thinking about what he should do, and if he should try and punish me. I put conditioner in my hair and then while my hands are still slick with it I take hold of his c**k.
I squeeze hard just like he likes and I rub my thumb over his slit. I pump my hand and squeeze and then flick my thumb against his tip taking up a pattern.
"Tony Tony Tony, this, this right here is mine. I don't want anybody else's. You better understand that." I feel him shiver, and I change my rhythm. I twist then squeeze and pump ignoring his slit. "Nobody else can ******** me like you, or make me c** like you do. I'm so addicted to you, you make me feel so ******** good tony. I don't let you ******** me all the time any more because it's distracting. If you and I ******** in the morning I'm wet all day all I can think about is coming home and riding you until I can't walk. When we ******** in public I don't want to go back out and socialize I'm crabby because all I cant hink about is you bending me over the table. That's why I stopped ******** you stupid baby. I don't want someone else, you could never not be good enough for me. I love you." I say and just then he starts shaking.
I know he's about to c**. I use my other hand to squeeze his balls in my palm. I start at the base and I squeeze hard pulling my hand up his length. Finally he cums all over my hand and wrist. I grin at him as he opens his eyes again and I lean forward kissing him on the lips licking where I had previously bitten him.
Twleve hours later I'm back, walking through the front door. I drop my bag and my jacket on the table next to the door, and walk through the house. Tony's in the living room watching t.v. I walk over and gently sit on his lap.
"I'm sorry I left without kissing you bye this morning. I was in a hurry. " I emphasize my sorry with a kiss to his neck raking my teeth against his skin. I feel him shift so that my bottom is positioned over his c**k. He's not hard yet but he's getting there.
His hand starts making it's way up my thigh and then he's under my skirt."S'okay. I hope you understand I'm about to ******** you stupid. " Was all he said before his fingers were pulling my panties away from my skin and stroked me. I bit down on his neck sharply as he pushed down gently on my c**t.
I tried to shift my body to straddle him but he stops me."Not tonight baby, I'm in control. Complete and utter control." Tony said before picking me up and pushing me to the floor on my knees. At first I thought he wanted me to suck him hard, but then He got up. He started stripping taking all his clothes off.

He left his belt on the coffee table though. I don't know what he planned to do with it, but it made me shiver just thinking about it. When he was naked he looked at me and crooked his finger beckoning me towards the couch. I crawled over there and sat in front of him on my knees looking up at him innocently. He reached down and took my hand in his and then got to his knees laying me out on the floor just next to the coffee table.

He took his belt and both of my hands and next thing I kknow my wrists are stuck to the leg of the coffee table and tony is straddling my chest.

"I don't care how horny it makes you, or irritable, I miss us ******** all the time. From now on, we are going to ******** whenever, where ever we want. I miss us. ******** other people. I want to ******** you every day, as many times as we want for the rest of my life, and I'll be damned if any of my friends or yours are going to get in the way of that. Do you understand me (y/n)?" Tony said this all with a straight face, and now he is looking down into my eyes. He now has his c**k in his hand and he's pumping slowly and I can't help but to lick my lips.

"I said do you understand" Tony says in that demanding voice of his and god, he's still pumping. I licked my lips again and looked up at him.

"Yes, baby I understand." I licked my lips again looking at his crotch now.

"Can I please suck your c**k? Please baby, I want to so bad, and you're just sitting there teasing me." I begged with no second thoughts. I didn't care all I could think about was getting my lips around him.
"Beg baby, beg for real."
"Mmm, baby please. You're c**k looks so hard, and I just want to suck on it. Let me make you feel better, please baby, please I wanna suck your c**k so bad. ******** I'm wet just thinking about it. Don't you want that? My lips wrapping around your c**k like a ******** lollipop. Please baby." I said dividing my attention between him, and his perfect c**k.
Everything I said was true, it was taking all my self control not to writhe all over the floor. I needed something, anything really. My entire body is on fire, and he's just staring at me.
"******** baby, that pretty little mouth of your's is so filthy." He said and before he was done he was pushing past my lips and towards my throat. I leaned forward pushing him farther. He hit the back of my throat and I tried to relax. Once he was there I swallowed thickly around him. He shuddered at the feeling of my throat constricting around him. I hollowed out my cheeks, and pointed my tongue prodding at his length as best as I could.
Tony grabbed my hair tight and hissed in air twice before he pulled out and plowed back in. I did my best to keep up, but this obviously was for his pleasure not mine. Not that I wasn't enjoying it.
He was getting sloppy, which meant he was getting close. I was starting to think he was just going to come down my throat. He pulled all the way out and sat back on his knees after another thurst though.
Tony reached forward and ran a finger up my slit, licking his lips. "I can't believe how wet you got, just from me ******** your face. You're just my little c**k slut aren't you?" I whimpered.
He didn't wait for any more response, he knelt on the floor in front of me. "Tell me how much you want me, how bad you want me to ******** you." He said grasping his c**k and running it along my c**t. My legs tightened around his thighs and I closed my eyes swallowing slowly.