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Rp. =D
Rpc's, settings. Stuffs. =D Enjoy!
Raven Howlander
The Questions

Date this form was created: 3/1/11
Full name of Character: Raven Anastasia Howlander
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name:
Nickname: Anna, Rae.
Reason for nickname: It's short.
Race: Dhamphir (Um..if that's half vampire half human xD; )
Occupation/class: Student
Social class: Middle class

Physical Appearance:
Age: 200
How old they appear: 18
Eye Color: Emerald green (A full green, not hazelish or other colored green)
Glasses or contacts? Neither
Hair color length and style: Silky black, fairly long, straight with a light curl to it
Weight and height: Average height, 114 lbs
Type of body (build): Skinny set (Not the anorexic skinny- the kind of skinny with a great metabolism)
Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Fair skin, a tad on the pale side with a light flush
Shape of face: Angular but with smooth angles. Light curve of the chin, and high cheek bones
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): She has a birthmark on her right hip
Predominant feature: Her eyes
Is s/he healthy?: Yes
If not, why not? Or why are they healthy?: Well, she can eat a variety of foods ranging from blood to simple human food and she doesn't starve herself
Do they look healthy? Why/why not?: Yes, because she is healthy

Char’s favorite color: Red
Least favorite, why?: Yellow, too bright.
Music?: Country, rock
Least favorite music, why?: Japanese, it's too hard to understand and it's frustrating. Though the beat is rather nice.
Food: A variety of junk foods, lobster, pierogies
Literature: Romance novels, helpful novels, novels on the supernatural
Expletives (curse):
Mode of transport: Car
Hobbies: Collecting items, reading up on herbs and spices, cooking
How do they spend a rainy day?: Generally watching TV or cooking up something new

Are they a daredevil or cautious?: A bit of both, though the preference to speak one's mind is high
Do they act the same alone as when with someone?: Somewhat, but shyness is top on the scale
Habits: Fiddling with her nails or hair when nervous
Drinks: Soda, cola, general selection (If you mean drinking, then no alcoholic beverages except for a bit of wine)
How much: Not very much, just occasionally
Greatest Strength: She's good with throwing the truth into the open when she feels its necessary, aka: saying things that nobody else will say
Greatest Weakness: She fluctuates in moods, so generally she's moody and mostly shy somewhat around people
Soft spot: Kittens, I guess, but on her body it would be her back (right along the spine)
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: Very much so. She just loves kittens
If not, how do they hide it:
Biggest Vulnerability: Her family and friends

Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts
Type of childhood: Fairly well, not too popular not too not popular
First Memory: Cooking with her mother around Christmas time- they made gingerbread cookies from scratch
Most important child hood event that still effects him/her: The first time she had drank blood (FYI: she eats the human food because she doesn't care for human blood or animal blood)
Why?: The blood tasted wrong to her. It made her want to vomit
Education: Highschool
Religion: None
Finances: N/A

Mother: Elycia Cynthia Howlander (Human)
Relationship with her: Very well. She's her mother and they get along great
Father: Jason V. Howlander (Vampire)
Relationship with him: He's her dad, though he wasn't around very much before she entered high school. Now they're spending time together
Siblings, How many, relationship with each: 2 siblings, Elaina and Anna, sisters.
Children of siblings: None
Other extended family: Aunts, uncles, cousins
Close? Why or why not: Not really. Her aunt didn't approve of her mother marrying so young, muchless to a vampire, but she occasionally comes to visit. Her uncle didn't care for her dad to marry a human, and so he keeps his distance but sends presents or writes occasionally. The cousins don't really communicate with her.

Most at ease when: The atmosphere is happy or leveled out
Most ill at ease when: A fight is on the horizon, or when she's in the mood to just hit someone or something
Priorities: Family, friends, significant other, studies
Philosophies: She does whatever she believes is right at the moment
How they feel about themselves: She loves herself
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: She didn't protect a friend from a bully group and her friend never talked to her again.
Why?: The group of bullies was teasing and taunting her friend because of her hair and clothing and little things like that. She didn't stand up to them, and Raven herself just watched
If granted one wish what would it be, why?: To become a stronger woman in general and to strengthen her vampire abilities. Why: So that she can protect the people she cares for and so that she always has a way to protect herself from danger

Optimist or pessimist? Why?: Half and half, things go right and things go wrong
Introvert or extrovert? Why?: Half and half once more, there's a time and place for everything
Drives and motives: She wants to get stronger, and she wants to excell
Talents: She's good with computers, and she's especially well with the piano
Extremely skilled at: Hacking and otherwise writing
Extremely unskilled at: Math and biology
Good characteristics: She prefers a night in for a date rather than somewhere fancy? xD;
Character flaws: When she gets angry, she has a tendency to swear
Mannerisms: She's polite and smiles frequently in public, but relaxes when she's with friends or at home or alone
Peculiarities: She seems to enjoy the snow
Biggest regret: That she yelled at her youngest sister
Minor regrets: Little things really.
Biggest accomplishment: She gained more control over her vampire self
Minor accomplishments: She passed Biology with a well earned C
Darkest secret: She massacred almost an entire city when she was first born and had first discovered her hunger
Does anyone know?: Mom, dad, siblings, and friends
How did they find out: They were reading up on history texts for a research in U.S History and stumbled across it in the school book

One word they would use to describe themselves: Different
One paragraph of how they would describe themselves: N/A
What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: Their eyes, because eyes are windows to the soul and having green eyes is welcoming
The worst one? Why?: Hair, it's such a hassal but enjoyable at the same time
Are they realistic assessments?: Um..yes
If not, why not?: N/A
How they think others preserve them: As a quiet, weird girl
What four things would they most like to change about themselves: Nothing but her nails and personality somewhat
Why?: They get too long and they look interestingly much like claws of an animal, she could be more out going and outspoken
If they were changed would they be the same person, why/why not: No. She just wouldn't be herself. Her personality is what she is.
Would changing of number 1 make them more happy? Why/why not:

Interaction with other people:
How do they relate to others: She does fairly well, comes across as a good friend
How are they perceived by strangers: Weird, but not bad, nice
Friends: Others RPCs that she meets, Lydia, Bell, Joan, Anne
Wife/husband/lover: N/A
The Hero/Heroine: N/A
How do they view the Hero/Heroine: N/A
First impression of the char: N/A
What happens to change this perception: N/A
What do people like most about this char: N/A
What do they dislike most about them: N/A

Immediate: Get stronger
Long term: Find love, settle down
How do they plan to accomplish them: Start with the first one, then go to the next
How will others be effected by this: Hopefully well

How do they react in a crisis: Calculating, and reserved
How do they face problems: Head on, no griping, no backing down
Kind of problems they usually run into: Being bullied, other vampires inquiring about their existence (her and her family's), general girl problems
How they react to new problems: Freak out
How they react to change: Fairly well

Favorite clothing, why: Pants, sweater dress, its pretty stylish
Least favorite, why: Skirt, pantyhose, jeans, just annoying basically
Jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets, rings
Other accessories: N/A
Where do they live: Salem, Massachusetts
Where do they want to live: Somewhere with a view
Spending habits, why: It runs in the family to spend a bit too much
What do they do too much of, why: Eating ice cream, she's addicted
Most prized possession, why: A star shaped locket, she lost it once for two years and her mother found it one day hidden in the attic
People they secretly admire, why: Friends, her dad
Person they are most influenced by, why: Her dad
Most important person in their life before story starts, why: N/A, nobody just yet
How do they spend the week just before the story starts: Regular school things, her friends came over, over the weekend

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