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Hello! Welcome to my journal! I will pretty much either write about my day or submit parts of my book! I hope you enjoy!!

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                                      ok so this is the first chapter of my book "Expressed" its about a prep who wants to be punk but she has a stuck up father who wont let her before she meets Matt!! Enjoy!! PLEASE COMMENT I APPRECIATE IT EXTREMELY!! BUT DONT BE TOO HARSH I'M A NEWBY AT WRITING! thank you!

                                      " Expressed

                                      Chapter 1- Freedom

                                      I have no freedom... I can't express myself by my look. I have to express myself by my actions, which when I do the actions they don't feel like me. I don't know how to without the way I look. I love my friends and yes they're idiots, too, but they don't have who~am~I problems.They are completely comfortable for them being who they are. My father, Richard Edward Banks, the owner of the very large company, Solar Match, a system sort of like "eHarmony" but they don't use computers they use telephones and the buildings are 90% solar panels on the outside, but anyways he is an overpowering person who thinks everybody should be the same and not stand out... I can't stand it!!!! I've thought about running away, but how will I get away with it? My dad would probably send out a search party from the White House or something really big. I have to keep a G.P.A. of a 4.0 or I will loose any freedom I might have. He has the longest rule list of eternity-

                                      • NO dying hair
                                      • NO black nail polish
                                      • NO Heavy, dark makeup
                                      • NO going to the movies with guys
                                      • NO watching movies with a rating of rated R and up
                                      • Keep your room spotless at all times
                                      • Homework must be done before 5pm
                                      • Bedtime is 9:00pm
                                      • NO eating before bed
                                      • Brush your teeth every morning and night even if you are at a friend's house
                                      • You must wear shirts that don't even get near showing your stomach
                                      • You must wear pants that are not low-risers
                                      • Time to wake up is 5:30 everyday including weekends
                                      • The most important is: NEVER EVER EVER get a piercing other than your ears
                                      • NO boys with earrings/ piercing allowed in the house

                                      There are many, many more but that would take forever... I truly miss my mother she would always let us get those fake tattoos out of the machines, but 3 years ago she died in the most tragic car accident within 50 years.... R.I.P. Diane Lynn Banks...<3 She always let us get away with things we weren't supposed to do... God, I wish she were with me through this.

                                      "Elizabeth!!!" said my father very angrily, "Where the hell did you put my favorite golfing shirt?!?!?!"

                                      "I put it exactly where you told me to." I said very sheepishly.

                                      "Well, apparently not, because if you put it where I told you to then I wouldn't be asking you where you put it!"

                                      "Let me look..." I rummaged through his closet and between two other shirts was the shirt he was looking for, "ever try looking harder?" I mumbled very quietly to myself, too extorted for him to figure out what I had mumbled. I walked out of his room and went into mine.

                                      My room is Angel Pink a very light pale-ish pink, citrus orange, very bright, and sunburst yellow, very very bright. The colors are striped along the wall. The bed has blue zebra print striped sheets on it with a "Little Mermaid" comforter also. I don't have that much else but an average desk, television, radio and dresser.

                                      I plopped on my bed and my cat, Jasper, jumped up on the bed and purred like crazy wanting pet. I pet him then got extremely bored so I stopped and turned on the television. He started clawing my arm so I had to pet him more if I wanted to keep that arm. My cat, I got from my friend she couldn't keep him so I was the first person she thought of to give him to. He is a pure black cat and sometimes I swear he has A.D.H.D. Not that he actually does but that’s the way he acts sometimes, hyper and very hard to control. I glanced at the T.V. I noticed that Dora was on, so I changed it to Mtv. World's Strictest Parents was on. "My dad should be on there, He'd be there for years just on one argument with the kid." I mumbled to Jasper. He meowed quite loudly. I smiled and put my face into his soft fur. It smelled like shampoo, mostly because of his flea collar we got him maybe a month before he started going outside. Now, he bothers us non-stop to go outside. I felt truly bad for him so I took him outside. It's very warm out and I think I'll go out later when I take him inside. I'm sitting on my porch, cat wondered off now he is now under the porch exploring. I truly wish he wouldn't go down there because that where I found my last cat...Dead.

                                      I'm not sure why things happen but they do. And even if I don't want to I have to. For example: my mom dying the number one thing in my life my way of keeping from going insane. And every time I think of her I can't help but cry. When I cry it’s never quiet, it comes out in deep loud sobs.

                                      I looked out from my porch to the houses around it. On the house across from me was my best friend her other friend (who is also my friend just not a best friend), and the other friends younger brother. We've had a crush on each other for awhile now but neither of us has the guts to ask the other out. I couldn't take any more of it!! I brought my cat into the house and left to take a walk. I stopped by the ice cream stand and bought a vanilla ice cream cone. I walked out of the shop and started to walk to the trail by the canal. I saw a few people walking, I wasn't very much paying attention to where I was going and walked right into this guy. He was wearing a white band shirt with a black jacket pulled mostly up from the zipper. The design on the jacket was the Bam Margera sign the triangle with the heart over it, then it looked like from behind the sign was a glowing red light (Now, ruined with vanilla ice cream all over it). Then, he had on very dark, tight, ankle hugger pants (which didn't look bad on him). He had on lime green Converse high tops. I looked up at him completely shocked at what I had just done. I had walked into him and dumped my ice cream all over him. I looked up into his face. He had bright, light blue, beautiful, eyes, he was very pale though. His hair was black and had light blue streaks almost matching his eyes. He had black and white snakebites on his lips.

                                      All I could squeak out from my shock was "Oh my GOD!!!!! I'm sooooo sorry I wasn't watching where I was going and I messed your jacket up and I'm soo sorry!!!..."

                                      To my surprise he actually... he... laughed? I didn't get it he laughed... I had to ask why “Why are you laughing? I just dumped ice cream all over you!"

                                      "Because, even though now I'm covered in vanilla ice cream I love how you reacted! It was.......cute..." he said it so lightly and care free.

                                      I couldn't understand how he could laugh under the circumstances. And he called me cute or the way I was blabbering... Either way he called me cute! And I might add he wasn't that bad looking either! To me at least he looked like that famous emo Canadian model. “Uh, thanks I think?”

                                      He laughed even louder and he said, “Yes, you should think it's good because it is!" He took his jacket off and tried to get the remnants of the ice cream off. “Oh, and my names Matthew but call me Matt, and yours is?"

                                      "My name is Elizabeth I'm truly sorry do you want to come to my house to clean up? It's only a couple blocks." I mean it was the least I could do from the ice cream.

                                      " Uhhh.... sure why not I'm not going anywhere special!" he said it with so much enthusiasm I was in a way surprised most people would probably yell "God DAMMIT!!!!!" but he wasn't like that thankfully.

                                      As we walked back to my house we were telling each other about us. He laughed a lot even if there was nothing to laugh at. And if it were something bad or sad he would either make an "awwww" sound or an "oh wow oooooo!!" sound. When I told him about my mother he said "Oh my gosh, that's so harsh! I wouldn't be able to live without my mother! Do you need a hug?!?!"

                                      He made me giggle a lot and I said "Yeah, just a little bit!" He came over and gave me a hug. He was so warm with the cool air, unlike my skin which was really cool. I couldn't say anything other about him but... perfect... I couldn't believe it, I looked him in the eyes and he looked me the same. His pupils were getting a little larger than a little smaller almost you could say they were pulsing. He asked more about me and I told him "My dad is a CEO for Solar Match and he's extremely strict, almost unbearable. He doesn't let guys with piercings in the house so I recommend you take yours out... sorry..."

                                      “It’s completely okay! I've dealt with a lot of people that don't like guys with piercings!" he said it like it was a casual thing to say...to anybody!

                                      "Nuh-uh!!!!! REALLY!!! You actually have!" I was truly surprised! It was something completely new for me. I have only met like 3 other people but, he said ALOT I mean you know. I haven't been out much, because of my dad. But, when I said this he started laughing, I could completely understand! I noticed that when he laughs his eyes squint. We finally reached the door and walked in."

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