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Brians list of things to do this summer

1. Blow something up
2.Order a Pizza and pay for it only with pennys
3. flip off an old lady/little kids/a truck driver
4. Pee into a running fan
5. Drop a large pizza in public then yell MAMA MIA MY PIZZA PIE
6. Do everything in slow motion to make people angry
7. Hand out candy to strangers and after they eat it tell them its a laxative
8. slide down a playground slide naked
9. Get throw out of an old age home for being to rowdy
10. Pretend to be a manican to scare people
11. Get kicked out of walmart
12. Order human at a resturant
13. joust in shopping carts at a store
14. Throw tacos and people i dont know
15. Put kick me signs on random people
16. Put stuff in peoples carts at walmart
17. Yell at old people that i am "The man"
18. Hold a sign saying free hugs in public
19. Poke a fat bald guy for the hell of it
20. Call someone at 3 in the morning and make fart noises
21. Punch a famous person
22. Dress up as a cowboy with friends and have a shoot out in once again walmart
23. Walk around town playing music on big speakers that will annoy most people
24. Get a crazy person to act crazy at me?
25. Get a coffe and throw it as far as i can and run
26. Put out a fire
27. Mock a police officer
28. Let grace pet your fluffy hair
29. Play halo with MattG
30. Go to canada
31. Get a new computer
32. Sing the oompa loompa song when im offered drugs
33. Do the robot dance while wearing a gas mask
34. Play halo and dont shoot anyone
35. Pick up someone and run
36. Learn the viking hand shake
37. Go to a concert
38. Arm crawl in a store and yell THERE COMMING
39. Bowl in a store using cans and fruit
40. Get drunk
41. Put a pile of clocks on a random car in a parking lot
42. Film people in public and make theme music for them using your mouth
43. Invent a sport involving clubs and sponges
44. Paint a picture
45. Meet a ghost
46. Run around flailing my arms in public yelling THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING
47. Pop baloons in public that are yellow and yell WAKA WAKA WAKA
48. Punch a hole in a cerial box while wearing a toga
49. Ride a couch down a hill
50. Eat a sandwich
51. Slap a random stranger with a sandwich
52. Get new hats
53. Have a bon fire
54. Use a Didgeridoo
55. Hump a pole in public
56. TP a house
57. Ding dong ditch
58. Dress up like its halloween and go door to door trying to sell an egg roll
59. Skate board
60. Laugh so hard that i pee my pants
61. Hug a stranger
62. Skip all the way around the mall with 5 friends
63. Destroy something with a big hammer
64. Dance in a movie theatre
65. Make a new friend
66. Get friends to play guitar hero guitars in public
67. Make top romen at a random public place
68. Run around a parking lot with friends while wearing mask honking air horns and spraying silly string
69. Go to best buy and ask where the mens section is
70. Put 101 things on this list
71. Whisper all day long to EVERYBODY
72. Do a flip
73. Have a wheelchair race
74. Draw
75. Race lawn mowers
76. Dress up like a robot
77. Go swimming
78. Make a sparkler BOMB
79. Walk somewhere in middle of the night
80. Watch BOBOBO!
81. Go around in the woods in middle of the night yelling
82. Make a movie
83. Act like a zombie in the mall untill someone says something about it
84. Dance in lucky market
85. High five 10 people i dont know
86. Annoy people at the mall with a laser pointer
87. Eat smores pie
88. Write something hilarious thats true on ******** My Life
89. Pretend to be the hulk somewhere in public
90. Get a new computer
91. Sell my pokemon cards
92. Write on someones face with a sharpie
93. Ride in a car while standing up and sticking out of the sun roof
94. Fill a water baloon with apple sauce and throw it at someone
95. Chew tons of trident gum
96. Eat steak
97. Get someone to call the cops on me and some friends without doing anything wrong
98. Play world of warcraft
99. Wear a Toga
100. Take pictures of people i dont know
101. Walk in a graveyard in middle of the night

Oliver Flufferton
Community Member
Oliver Flufferton
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