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Lizzy's random stoof she feels like sharing! Who knows. Read and find out i guess.

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DISCLAIMER:  sorry if this post makes no damn sense and/or is spelled horribly. I've had a long day and am writing on my iPod... Otherwise, enjoy

Oh it's been a good day smile

Canadian weather truly makes you it's b***h. And partly because of this my day started out making me feel quite Canadian.

I woke up to a hesitant, "Hey uh man, wanna give me a push?" Ugh. Yeah ok. He was stuck in the back alley, what could I do? I might also add it's only -4°C (About 25°F for my crazy American friends smile ), and had snowed about a foot overnight and was still coming. So I got up and in my blue cotton pjs, dirty white jacket and skater shoes and stomped my way to the back alley to check out the situation. Squinting in the brightness I realized that we were gonna need reinforcements. Back to the house. This time when I went out (still squinting) I was carrying a shovel and had on some actual pants, gloves, and my friends' work boots (which were a minor adventure in themselves. He is one tall lanky b*****d and has like a size 13 shoe so i looked like I was wearing clown shoes. Seriously. It felt like there was a good foot of empty shoe infront of my foot). After digging and pushing for probably ten minutes a truck comes down the back alley, two guys hop out all dressed to go sledding and offer to help. So the four of us work on it for about 45 mins before we make it to a main enough street where there's a decent path worn in (getting out the back alley took forEVER). And after all of this do you know where he was going? Five blocks away to a gas station to fill up his RO water jug. Yeah. 
So that woulda been all fine and dandy, except that while we're there one of the employees catches us and asks for a ride home since he's at the end of his shift (and he used to go to school with us way back in the day, so it's not completely wierd and random)
We took him to his place. Well almost. We got stuck just off a main street. He pushed us back to the intersection and just walked the few houses home. At the intersection we had to stop, the cars are all perfectly spaced out you know. sad Then a guy driving some silly little car slides into a drift and gets stuck. We give him a push. 
When we FINALLY get to try getting back on the path again three chicks all geared for sledding are just about to cross the street. I holler at them to wait. They are seriously impared upstairs. I finally convince them to wait for us before they cross. They do, and we get stuck again. One of them convinces the others and they eventually come over to help. After much ditziness, flailing, and engine revving we finally make it back into the path and, get home!
Except my friend decides he doesn't wanna get stuck in the back alley again and wants to park behind me on the street. And got stuck. But we eventually got him in there. Kinda. But all in all the day was good. We finally got home and drank a LOT of water. Between H2o and the exercises of the day our hangovers were cured, and I felt great from helping people and just getting out in the fresh air. I was quite grateful that it was only -4°C (25°F) and not -30°C (-22°F). It's one of those days that makes you thankful that everyday isn't like it. It's wonderful that we don't have to fight all that snow everyday but the change is a great thing to enjoy while it's there.

Now you may think that Canadians are helpful, but we really only help push to keep traffic moving wink

Stay warm!

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