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The Exiles Tales
i am the original Exiledsol
The Tale Of Varin Koss ((Update 1.5))

In a world where magic and technology coexist a story has begun to spread throughout the known world about a retired soldier and only survivor of the Zion Militia, that fought the tyrant Azurion.
In the city of Xior there is a pub known as the Busted Cork where our story begins, the retired soldier Varin Koss sits at the bar drinking away when a tall man dressed in tattered clothes pulls him off his bar stool an takes his place and takes his drink. The man laughs "this is my spot you drunken lout" he exclaims out loud for the whole pub to hear only for the barkeep to shake his head "that wasn't very polite ya know" Varin replied to the man as he struggles to stand up.

The man turns around and then screams in pain as Varin impales the man's hand into the bar top and then punch's the man repeatedly as the barkeep sighs with a annoyed look on his face as he cleans the glasses, "Okay Varin that's enough I would prefer you don't bloody my bar for the 20th time this month" he says to Varin who then headbutts the man.

Varin stops beating the man and looks at the barkeep an smiles mischievously "sorry bout that Barnes got a little carried away.....again" he replies as he takes the knife out of the man's hand and then throws the man through the window to the outside, Barnes groans "Damnit Varin if you're gonna throw someone out of the bar do it through the damned door, NOT THROUGH MY WINDOW!" he yells at Varin who just laughs "But that would take the fun out of it Barnes" he replies with a big grin as he sits back down at the bar.

Barnes rubs his temples as he tries to wipe the blood off his bar counter, as two guards enter the pub an stand behind Varin and holds up a holo'disk an a hologram wanted poster emits from it showing a picture of Varin from his time in the military. The holo'disk begins to speak "We are looking for this man, Varin Koss Aka Zage" the holo'disk says as Varin remains in his seat unfazed while the holo'disk continues to speak "This man is wanted by the Ortantios High Council" the holo'disk states.
As the other guard looks around the pub he notices Varin not being paying attention to the disk, the guard places a hand on Varin's shoulder and shakes him only to hear Varin snoring. A few of the other patrons chuckled as the guard grumbles angrily and leans over Varin and shakes him some more "Sir.......wake up........SIR this is important" the guard says to Varin. Barnes rubs his forehead an sighs and motions to the guard "mister dun bother wit that old drunk, lettin em sleep it off." Barnes explains to the guard who ignores him and continues to shake Varin.
The patrons in the room begin to stir and start to get up from their tables and move to other ones that are further away from the bar itself, Barns looks to the two guards with a worried look on his face "please sirs, ya dunno what yer startin" Barnes exclaims to the guards as the guard growls and turns Varin around to see it is the same man on the holo'disk, before the guards could react and draw their weapons Varin grabs their belts an throws them into the bar and slams their heads together. The guards crumple onto the floor, as Varin picks up the Holo'disk and turns it off, Barnes shakes his head an motions towards the two unconscious guards, a few patrons run over to the bar and they start to carry them out, while Varin fiddles with the holo'disk "ya know Varin eventually your gonna have deal with this situation properly" Barnes says to Varin.

Varin looks up at Barnes as he continues to mess around with the disk "that's what I'm doin with this here disk" he replies to Barnes as he sets the disk down on the bar and turns it on.

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