Here we are again
standing on this corner.
concrete thicker than glass
colder than ice.
we have no where to go now.

Strangers we were
once the stars hid behind the moon.
I can't see where the light is
I hate this deep darkness
feels like it's crushing down
on us like we're caught in someones
grasp, squirming to get free.

Freedom what a sweet dream to behold.

I wonder what crosses your mind
as you stare blankly ahead
wishing you would hold my hand
just this one time.

We're still watching the trees
sway and the sky sparkle
but I want to feel the heat of
the sun. The heat of your skin
against mine. I wish my mind would
speak and stop letting my lips
talk. I'm wasting time as
the moon rises higher.

We run out of space
to move and decide to settle upon
a grassy plain. I'm about to give
up and let my feeling recede to the
back of my unconscious soul when you
lean over and tell me you love me heart .

These three words help me see
where the light is...