Dude... I just realized how often people have tried to get me to have sex with them... Especially my brother in law...
He gets drunk too often around me... And he is so perverted... He even has tried to get me to have sex with him.... *sigh* Since I was 13... God damn... Sorta worried about turning 18 now!! DX
Told my best friends, and they suggest if he tries again, report his a**. Tell my mother, tell his own wife (my sister), and make sure the kids are away from him.
But ya know something? I never wanted to tell my mom when it happened because I was more worried about Pam... and the kids. I know how to defend myself, and if he did try anything, I'd scream bloody murder and have people ready to kick his a** with me.
lol... Grah... I feel sorta like I'm creating drama... Or I have the feeling someone is gonna read this and say, "Oh, she's trying to get attention" or "She's lying."
Bull ******** s**t. I don't lie. Why would I have reason to lie about this? If I was that desprate to get attention, I'd tell my mother. Seems to me that it would be the best way to get attention. But, no. I am just trying to vent... Ya know? Just trying to help make myself feel better...
Which is failing.