He awoken to supple, melodious smells of flowers and glanced at the sun�s soft rays that had peeped through the trees' canopies. He looked slowly around making sure to be cautious and to his surprise, the instant he looked towards to what seemed to be a blur of a woman, she or it had changed into a slender, golden-brown barked tree with bountiful lush leaves. Then he creped slowly towards the tree to make sure this was not at all a dream. He stepped closer and closer and then began to feel the soft, and rough texture of the tree, and then he felt a low vibration and stopped instantly, However, he then slowly put his ear towards the tree....it felt as he could dream forever listening to the heartbeat of a tree, it was like music. Then when he had stepped away from the tree in fear of going to sleep, and the nymph stood in front of him with nothing but a translucent leaf covering her, with a soft smile upon her face....they could have gazed into each other eyes forever, but there was barbaric yelling in the background and the prince turned around to see where it was coming from, and when he turned towards his original position, she was gone, the warmth of the sun ray was gone, the forestry was gone, but all around him was.... a dead forest, with stony paths and dead leaves that covered the ground. The barbaric yelling he heard was the voices of the men that had fed him that poisonous rancid food and left him for dead in the forest. So he ran, till his chest ached and burned and till everything was getting blurred from the fatigue. Then all of a sudden.....he fell in a hole were the lining of it was covered with wet soil and roots. He couldn't have fell far because he had to duck to hide himself from the hunters. So he knelt in the whole and waited until they had fully passed, but while he was in the hole hiding, he saw a blue flickering light far from the hole....so he had to crawl on his belly with his hands stretched in front so that he could claw the soft soil. He had only the halo of the blue flickering light to guide him. Each time he had clawed, it would heart because of the breastplate nicking him halfway in his armpits. Then he had to stop in a instant....he start to notice that the cave felt a little more wider so n that instant , he covered himself with the dirty long muddy cape on his back to over his head. He lifted the cape part way to see what all the ruckus was about, and to his amazement he had seen little grown people no bigger than a mere child, they were dancing, singing, held activities, had fighting matches and was drinking merrily...he wanted to join them oh so badly, he could hear his stomach rumbling angrily. Then in the sudden darkness behind him, he heard voices. He panicked in his heart which felt like it had jumped and he didn�t know what to do. So he did what he had no choice but to do was....he hurdled clumsily over, where everyone was rushing to move out the way. He fell with a loud vibrating thud, in which little crumbs of rock feel from the ceiling into others drinks and food. The little people looked shock but not completely shocked. The men had beard hanging down to the ground and they knew he was crawling in the whole the whole time, same goes for the women with their long hair. The reason no on paid him any notice, because they knew he was light, and it was only one of him and many of them.