xxxxxxxx and how are you? Things must be fine in Illia of course, lucky you. Me? I'm stuck sitting on a computer and writing for you, at the most. But where I moved is pretty nice, Serenity. It's always windy, and there's alot of plants around here. And the house is bigger! Okay, it's not a house, it's an apartment. Still, it's roleplay-inspiring: we have to take the freeway everywhere we go, which equals more music time. Too bad, though, that the windows are kept closed. I'd want to feel the rush of wind as we rode through the freeway as 'Party Up' (which I haven't heard in a long time) played. Or even better, This Light I See by Toshiro Hitsugaya, a.k.a Romi Paku. W-wait! There are no such things as Seiyuu's in Illia!! stressed Or even equally better, Daia no Hana by Yoriko! Sorry, I can't find any songs that Train sang because Black Cat doesn't have a BCBC. Black Cat Beat Collection! FTW!! I love BBC, but how come Black Cat doesn't have a Beat Collection?!?!

Oh well, that's enough of me ranting. It was nice to write to you and rant about how Black Cat doesn't have a Beat Collection. ;laugh;. I'll see you around, during August, right? When school starts. All of you will come, you promised, Serenity. All of Nightschool, Vampires & Angels, Bleach, Black Cat. Raise them like raising an army, like what we do best and dream of doing in war.

Wave sayanora, and speak fanfarren. Ate.