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my shiz
im mostly going to use this jurnal to store character pro's . . . NO PEEKING!!!
Miscellaneous & SP RP characters

the gender of this character was decided threw a 3 to 2 vote

The one behind the scenes:Cezzary
Hi,My name is:Zain Torrent
But you can call me: Work name Nina Stride
My last birthday cake said:19
If you can't tell,I'm a:Male
I am:5'8
And weigh:117,But who's counting?!
I am a(n):human
I can do all this: some electrical based magics but nothing that impressive
Just in case,I have these:Riding crop (it's a small whip jockeys use on horses.
What I do:Male modle
I am who I am: Zain is rather quiet and shy due to his secretive nature and the way he tends to alienate himself from others but underneath he is a sweat heard though he can be a bit nasty if you get on his bad side.
My past: Zain was born in a small town in sother England calles Hastings, His father managed the shipping lanes their and wa expected to carry on the family tradition but Zain wanted to city life and wanted to travel the world and see new places. When he was old enough he took a trip to London and from their got a small job so he could get he money to move around more, He traveled to Paris, Germany, and various countries in the EU before moving to the U.S. and visiting various Cities their. He took a pit stop in Hawii before moving onto Australia and then he came to Japan. During his travels he burned threw his money faster than expected and was forced to stay their for some time and even get a job though he wasn't making enough and was at the end of his rope. One day wile riding a tram on his was home he met a woman who was a photographer, she fell in love with his image and offered him the equivalent to $300 U.S. Dollars if he would let her take pictures of him on her terms. Zain thought it was dodgy but he was desperate and his father had cut him off after he left home. Zain excepted and went with the woman who took some simple starter photos of him normally until he listened up then things gradually got weird. First it started with him dressing like a girl then it steadily evolved to him being tied to a chair in a shameless position, Zain was getting the feeling that this wasn't what she said and he walked into a trap od sorts but when she was done she simply untied him and handed him the money. Zain was shocked and he simply ran home with it and paid his land lord immediately. A week later the woman called him again and said that he was a hit and she wanted to take more pics of him but Zain didn't know what she was talking about until he met her again and she showed him and adult magazine and the pics of him in it. Zain flipped out on her he didn't know this would happen but he calmed down the instant she offered $40,000 a month and bonuses for high sales and that's basically how it started.
My fave color:SlateGray
My Orientation:straight but for the sake of you yaoi whores out their he can be converted trololol
Seme or Uke: do to his job posing him as a sub it is surprising to say he can be dominant if he is in a bad mood.


User Image

The one behind the scenes:Cezzary
Hi,My name is:Nick Hunter
My last birthday cake said:20
If you can't tell,I'm a:Male
I am:5'10
And weigh:153,But who's counting?!
I am a(n):human (novice Mage)
I can do all this: can perform some levitation magics but they always seem to go worn especially when he is under a lot of stress.
Just in case,I have these:tazer
What I do:freelance journalist
I am who I am: Strong willed, independent, and self reliant, Nick has always been some what of a lone wolf and does things his own way
My past: Nick was born in the US and at a young age developed a fondness for writing and as he grew he spent his spare time writing small stories and honing his journalistic talents. His first job was at a local news paper, and worked the presses thou he really wanted to go out and fined stories not the little silly things but the real dirt and stuff people didn't want others to fined out about. But for 2 years he remained on the presses until his boss finally gave him a chance to go out on small tasks. Nick was never really satisfied and yearned for greater challenges and when he herd roomers of a scandal in the city council he started digging around and after 2 months he had discovered the council members had been imbesaling money from the city. The problem was his boss was being paid by the council as an informant and to keep bad press out of the paper. Nick was then fired from his job and found himself black listed in the city. Nick left the city and then began to travel around as free lance and made what he could wear he could. After hearing about disapearences in a local town Nick started to poke around and was told the people when missing wile jogging off in the woods either in the late afternoon or early morning. Naturally Nick went out into the woods and his near the path in some bushes hopping to spot some suspicious characters passing by. He waited nearly two hours and saw nothing and not to long after he was suddenly struck from behind and blacked out, He didn't see or hear anything the entire time it was like a phantom had taken him. He awoke some time later groggy and in a house. He was in a bed room? he was obviously panicked even more so when he found himself in a bunny suit and tethered to the giant bed with a collar and chain.
My fave color:indigo
My Orientation:straight but for the sake of you yaoi whores out their he can be converted xP
Seme or Uke: if you asked him that he would have no idea what you were talking about (neutral)


User Image

The one behind the scenes:Cezzary

Hi,My name is:Tulin

My last birthday cake said:26

If you can't tell,I'm a:Male

I am:6 feet 10intall

And weigh:195But who's counting?!

I am a(n): Hare

I can do all this: can run at extreme speeds maxing at 80 mph and can maintain it for hours at a time and can jump up to 8 stories

Just in case,I have these:Survival knife

What I do:mostly works as a courier, running high priority messages and packages to nearby towns.

I am who I am: rather laid back, tries to keep to himself, and avoid other people as much as possible do to his~ appearance he is treated oddly

My past: Tulin, the name itself meaning fast he is one of the few remaining members of a race of rabbit like beings. Standing at impressive heights with thin light weight bodies they can reach high running speeds and can jump long distances. Hares are nearly extinked now and the few that do exist live in small villages with fewer than 30 to 20 members, as to wear they are is known only to their kind but it is know their their are fewer than 30 to exist. For most of his life Tulin endured a boring life in his village, and for years he wanted to go out and see the world it was like an itch he couldn't scratch, but the problem was if he did leave he couldn't come back, once he left the village would relocate encase he was captured and forced to give up the location of the village. When he was old enough and was given the blessings to do so Tulin left his people and moved off and started to travel across the continent going from city to city. The first time he went into a populated town he got so many odd looks, people wouldn't stop staring at him to the point it made him uncomfortable. Demons, angels, nekos, elves and humans were all common sights to them but a 7 foot tall hare seemed to leave them in aw. As time when on he learned to ignore the stares but every so often their was an amusing reaction to him from some surprised person. Tulin managed to build a small shack up in the mountains to live in wile making money as a courier. Recently hunters have been attracted to that area and have been hunting for him a hare is a rare and rare means expensive. So far Tulin has evaded the fumbling hunters but the years of his couriering has left a beaten trail along mountain making it an easy ambush spot for the hunters who laid in wait for 4 days until Tulin came running threw with a back pack filled with mail the 5 hunters took aim with rifles and all fired at the fast target to improve their odds of hitting him. Only one of the shots hit him and a dart hit him right in the thigh and it went numb in seconds making him fall and because he was going so fast it was like being thrown from a moving car, he flipped tumbled and rolled violently into a tree and was rendered unconscious.

My fave color:crimson

My Orientation:bi

Seme or Uke: depends on the person

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