in your eyes i see
everything dear 2 me
thur your lips i taste
life in eternal state
from your touch i feel
loves stinging chill

to lose you
would spell death for me
to mistreat you
would kill me inside
to go with our you
is a thought i cannot bear

when i'm not with you
i feel so alone
when your in my arms
i feel at home
to love you
is to live

for love i write
this poem tonight
though it's black as coal
my love for you is like gold
i love you till death comes
but now is not the time

death can try
but nothing well keep me from you
i'll risk my life
just to lie by your side
i'll face any foe
just give me the ok

you've be so sweet to me
and i've yet to know why
but all that matters
is that i have you by myside
to have and to hold
now and forever

your love is my life
please don't let me die