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We got along so well with each other . Sometimes we would Eat together and watch the flowers bloom . Then an other girl came along and took that away from me . Now I sit alone await for you to come back . My freinds tell me to give up on you but I know you will come back ! I sill wait in the place we use to watch the flowers bloom . The only thing I could think about is YOU .
Had the weirdest dream.

I dream that I was in school and it was the first day. I walked into the room the guy I like Andrew (he is also my best friend) is sitting there also the cute new tuba playier. I sat at a desh witch Josh was sitting there. (He is a annoying kid in my 1st period) I was sitting there then Josh tried to kiss me and I stab him with a pencal. He just smile and tried kiss me again. I started screaming "Help me! Andrew, Please help me."I said it over and over then I woken up. Then I went back to sleep 5 mins later. Then I was at a field Andrew and Celetes was there. He was in the football team. There also were cheerleaders. My friend Celeste was on the track time. I went up to Andrew and asked him "Why? Why, didn't you help me when Josh was tring to have his way with me?" He looked away from me. Then the cheerlearders came up and said "Andrew, why are you talking to this ugle slut." I looked at him and said "Andrew? I thought you were my friend?" He didn't look at me and answered the cheerleaders "I don't know why." My heartbroke then I went to Celeste and I went to tell her and she said to me "Get away from me you hoe." She walked away then I was alone on the field and I started to cry and fell to the ground. Then I woke up and started cring because I would die if that happen.

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