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Has mostly turned into the place to post OC profiles. oO;
[OC] Candy-Apple Parles Vous - Vo. Suzuki Izanagi - 鈴木 イザナギ
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Name: Izanagi
Real Name: Suzuki Izanagi - 鈴木 イザナギ
Nickname: N/A
Date of Birth: 03.08.1984
Birthplace: Osaka
Family: Grandmother [Suzuki Keiko: 73 years old]

Blood Type: AB
Best Traits- Cool, controlled, rational, introverted and empathic.
Worst Traits- Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

Height: 170.18cm [around 5'7"]
Weight: 55.33kg [around 122lbs]

Personality: Intelligent, witty, a bit anti-social
Band Position: Vocals
Instrument: Voice, guitar [ESP MUGEN-AK]
Cigarette Brand: Mild Seven AQUA Menthol
Idol: Mao [SID], Satsuki [Rentrer en Soi]

Favorite Color: Red, black, purple, gold
Favorite Food: Ramen, pork gyoza
Favorite Music: SID, Rentrer en Soi, Antic Cafe
Favorite Clothing Brand: Union Jack

Random Facts: Izanagi has a very bad immune system, and a medical condition from it.
He dropped out of highschool during his junior year.
He wears a red chinese dragon on everything he owns, and nobody knows why.

Brief History
Izanagi was born to teenage parents, who dropped him off as an infant at his father's mother's house. She raised him the best she could, though her health was declining rapidly as a poor woman. At age sixteen, Izanagi began to take care of his grandmother, who developed alzheimer's badly. Though his own health was in constant jeopardy, he learned to put it second as he cared for the woman who raised him.
When he was a sophomore in highschool, he met a senior named Kisho, whom he became best friends with. When Kisho was held back a grade to repeat his senior year, Izanagi decided to drop out of highschool and move with him to Tokyo to start a band.
Successfully, Izanagi moved his grandmother into a slightly-better apartment in the city, though had to hold down a job stocking a department store while doing band activities.
Currently, he and Kisho remain closest of friends out of the band.

Art of Izanagi

Art by Pugnacious Banana | Art by Mignion | Art by |Yume|

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