• Epilogue •

Sakura Blossoms. That's how it all began...on that beautiful day. He came to me from a dream, a sweet, innocent dream. In my perspective, he was only another Boy, admiring the falling petals, as I was...If only it was that way. On such days as that, you never really notice the small details, you know, the one's that matter most? In the mist of the Petals, I never noticed his Wings. They were tinted such a color that mere Humans could never see them. If only I had though. My Mortal life could have gone on, never knowing the Battle in the Skies. We never truly think of anything but what is near us. The truth is, the greatest things in life, are all above us. Even then, my mind wasn't as wise, so how could I have known? Being the fool I was known for, I had walked up to him, gave my warmest smile, and dared spoke. "Hello, I'm Lilith. Who are you?" Looking down to me, the Boy merely smiled, ages showing on his face. "I am Gabriel, and your Fallen Angel...." , "My..what?" , "The one thing that stands between you, and Death."

○ End of Epilogue ○

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