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Tale Of The Ten Tailed Tiger, with new chapter 6
You all know the story of Naruto Uzumaki, and the horrible power inside him, called the Kyuubi, or the 9-Tailed Fox. To the whole land, this was one of the deadliest and dangerous of all the Chakra Demons. But, there has long been a hidden demon, whose power was that ten times that of all the Demons, even the Kyuubi. The awesome power of the Ryoku. The Ten-Tailed White Tiger. Eventually, out of fear, the people of the land sealed that power into a child. This all happened fourteen years ago. Now, this child, who is now a teenager, has grown up all alone, living anywhere he could, but no matter where he went, his dark secret would be revealed. Now, he has come upon the village called Konoha. Here, it is rumored that another, who also has a dark power sealed within him, referred to as the Fox Demon, lives there. This boy has come to Konoha to talk with this other boy. His name... Naruto Uzumaki.

If you would like to see more of this story, email me at jordan.plog@gmail.com
Also, I'm putting out requests for the name of this character. If you have any ideas, email me. If I don't receive any I like, I will call him by my name. You decide.
Also, if you want me to write a story with any plot, I will. Just ask.
All trademarks, ownerships, and copyrights belong to the rightful owners of Naruto.

Chapter 1-
As Jordan walked along the road to Konoha Village, he thought of all the villages he’d lived in during his life. There was the fire village, in which he had been mugged, and brutally attacked the man who had stolen from him. He couldn’t remember what he had done to him, all he remembered was that after he was mugged, the world went white, and next thing, he was standing over the bloody and bruised body of the thief. When Jordan was found standing over him, the leaders of the village saw him as a danger, and he was kicked out. They had almost threatened to throw him in jail, but went easy on him, because, well, he was only 13. Then, half a year later, when he stopped by in the earth village, all was going well, until a week later, he was discovered in the village, and was, again, kicked out. During that half a year, the word had spread of Jordan, and the danger he posed. Again, he was homeless. But, Jordan knew how to survive in forests, and the wild, and alone. That was how he had lived all his life. But, when he came upon a band of travelers, he started traveling with them for about a month. But, while he was with them, he heard rumors of a boy, who, they said, had the spirit of a demon sealed within him. Now, Jordan knew that there was something different about him, but he never thought that he was possessed. At least, until he heard of this boy. Then, when he asked of his name, he was told it was Naruto Uzumaki. So, after a week of preparation, Jordan set out for Konoha Village. Surely, if there was a village who would allow such a danger like this other boy to live there, perhaps they would allow Jordan to do the same. And, perhaps, somebody who was in this village could tell Jordan what was inside him. He estimated it would take him about 4 months to get there. But, for Jordan, all he could do for now, was walk.
End Chapter 1

Chapter 2-
A month after Jordan had first set out for Konoha Village, he was remembering more of his past, his thoughts were more free, and he couldn’t empty his mind. Mostly, he daydreamed of what his life would be like if he was accepted into Konoha Village. He wondered if he would finally find a home. But, he also wondered how people would treat him. Would they fear him, like all others did? Or would he be accepted, and find people he could call his friends? Or would he find nothing, no boy, no welcoming village, what if he never found the answers to what he was looking for? What if there were NO answers for him? What if he was born to be alone, to have no home, no friends, to never feel at peace? To die alone… just as he had lived his whole life… But no, he must have a purpose! Why would he be born into a world where he would never be happy, or be accepted? No, there must be a reason for his existence. He knew he had all but to find this village, and Naruto Uzumaki. Then, he felt, he would find his answers.
While Jordan was contemplating all this, without him realizing it, two men had started following him. Soundlessly, they had followed him for a good mile, but until now, neither of them had made any move or action toward Jordan. Then, they started walking faster, so they would catch up to him. As Jordan finally realized he was being followed, and that the two men were coming toward him, he realized that they must be out to steal from him. But, unbeknownst to them, Jordan had once been given a ninja’s weapon, called a ‘kunai”, and he still had it. Ever since he had gotten it, at age 6, he had wanted to become a ninja. He couldn’t remember the man who had given him the weapon, but the man had said something about Jordan needing, “protection,”, and, “use it carefully”. But, Jordan had been training himself, in case something ever happened. Now, he knew, something was bout to happen. As the men were coming towards him, Jordan stopped in the middle of the road, and turned to face them. The men were obviously surprised by this, but they still came at him. One said, “ Now, now boy, we don’t want to hurt you, we just want to, lets say, “relieve” you of all your possessions.” And the other said, “ Yes, lets, “relieve” him of his possessions. C’mon, lets get ’im” And with that, both men jumped at Jordan, fists ready to strike. But Jordan was ready, he ducked, swerved behind them, and kicked their legs out from under them in one swing of his leg. As the men fell, Jordan aimed a punch their faces, striking them right in the nose. As they both hit the ground, groaning in pain, with blood spurting from their noses, Jordan stood over them and said, “ You two had better leave now, if you know what’s good for you” and brandished the kunai, visibly threatening them. As the humiliated men regained their footing, they started to run away, their pride hurt more than their bodies. “Good riddance. Jeez, tryin to rob a kid, what’s the world comin to?” Again, Jordan resumed his steady pace toward Konoha Village, though with more pride, and more enthusiasm. Well, he thought, that training was definitely worth it. So he continued on his long trek to the Leaf Village.
End Chapter 2

Chapter 3-
Some time later, Jordan had lost track of time, he thought he saw what looked like a giant village in the distance. Finally, he thought, I’ve reached Konoha Village. He broke into a run, reenergized by the prospect of his long journey being over. As he reached nearer and nearer the village, Jordan saw a huge wall surrounding the entire complex, with a large gate in front of him. Well, he thought, no wonder this place is so well known, its huge! Well, he thought, might as well go through this thing, it wont help just staring at it. So, with enthusiasm and anxiety, he walked through the gate. When he could see the village, he was amazed at how large it really was. The wall covered all the buildings, and prevented others from viewing farther away. There were hundreds upon hundreds of buildings of all shapes and sizes. But, before Jordan could go any further, a commanding voice called to him, “Halt! Don’t move another step kid!” Jordan replied with, “I’m not a kid,” as he turned to see two green vested ninjas. At least, he thought they were ninjas. They certainly fit the profile, they had those weird headband things. One, sitting at a desk, said, “ Well, you’re younger than us, so that makes you a kid in our eyes. Kid.”
The other, leaning against the inside of the wall, said, “ C’mon Dodosha, go easy on the kid, he looks like he came a long way from somewhere. So, kid, where are you from?”
“Me? I don’t really come from anywhere, I’m just looking for someone. You wouldn’t happen to know who he is, would you? His name, I heard, is Naruto Uzumaki.”
Dodosha replied,“ What? Who wants to find that freak. He’s an embarrassment to the village he is, aint he Shora?”
“C’mon, Dodo, just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s a freak. And from what I’ve heard around, is that he’s getting strong enough to become Hokage.”
Jordan asked, “ So do you know where he is or not? I need to talk to him.”
“Oho,” Dodosha said, “ You need to talk to him? Well, if you really want to find that freak, go ask the Hokage herself. Last I heard he was on a mission.”
“Oho yourself Dodo,” Shora said, “did you actually just help a stranger? Why, you don’t even know who he is. He could be a deadly ninja, come to kill us all,” he said jokingly.
“Ha-ha,” Jordan said, clearly not amused. “Look, thanks for the help, Shora, and uh… Dosha?”
“Hey, my name’s DODOsha, kid. Hey, what’s your name? We need to put you down in the log book.”
Umm, my name is Jordan.”
“Jordan?” Shora questioned suspiciously, “But that’s not even Japanese. Where are you from kid??
“I don’t remember, all I remember is my parents left me with a note, alone in some village. All it says is, ‘To our son Jordan, we love you very much, but we are afraid of what might happen if we keep you with us. We will always love you, your mother and father.’ Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I should find this boy Naruto. Bye.”
“Bye,” they said in unison.
So, as Jordan walked along the wide road, admiring the large buildings all around him, he suddenly realized he had no idea who, or where, the Hokage was. Duh, he thought to himself, it’s that huge round building in the distance that says, Hokage on it. Well, that was dramatic, he thought more to himself. I wonder who the heck this, ‘Hokage’ is? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
End Chapter 3

Chapter 4-
As Jordan approached the huge circular building of the Hokage, he wondered just what he was going to say. Perhaps he should first ask where to find a home, or get a guide to the village. Or, should he just ask straight out for this boy Naruto, and get it out of the way, so he could then check out the village? As Jordan pondered his could-be words, he was interrupted by a voice questioning, “What are you doing kid? Are you here to see lady Hokage?”
“Yes, I am. Is it ok for me to go in?”
The guard replied, “Sure, I guess, as long as you’re not gonna make any trouble.”
“I’ll try not to.
“ Ok then, see ya kid.”
As Jordan walked through the door to the mansion, he thought to himself, I’m not a freakin kid. Jordan walked along the hallway until he found a set of stairs, up through which he proceeded. Then, he came upon another hallway, and continued down it. He walked along until he found the door that said, ‘Hokage’s Office’, after passing several other doors on either side. The door was closed, so he knocked three times. The sound of a woman’s voice called him to come in, so he entered.
“Well, well, well, what have we here? What is it you want kid, I’m busy on official Hokage business.”, said a green robed, blonde, big breasted lady(seriously, big, Jordan almost fell down when he saw them). To her right, stood another back robed lady with dark hair, only she was not as well gifted as the other lady and had a pig at her feet. Oddly enough, even the pig was clothed, in a strange reddish robe.
The black robed lady said, “Come on Tsunade, don’t be rude, you were just getting ready to leave for some sake.”
“Ack, what are you doing saying this in front of a guest! I should have you fired Shizune, for such rudeness!”
“Oh, come on, you know you couldn’t live without me. And don’t overreact.”
“Ugh, fine. Well, kid, what is it you want?”
Having been finally re addressed, Jordan replied,
“Well, uh, ‘Tsunade’, I was hoping you could help me, you see, I’ve never been to this village before, so I don’t know where everything is. I could use a guide, or something. Or, you could just tell me where the nearest apartment complex is. Also, I was looking for someone named Naruto Uzumaki. Do you know where he is?”
“Naruto? What could you want with him? Well, it doesn’t matter until he gets back from his…”
Out of nowhere, a voice proclaimed,
“Hey, Granny Tsunade, I finally finished that dumb mission you gave me, what was with that anyway? You sent me to pick up trash? The soon-to-be Hokage doesn’t pick up trash! I should be out fighting bad guys, and…”
Accompanied by the voice, through the door walked a blonde haired boy in an orange and blue jumpsuit. Jordan got the feeling that if he stared at him long enough, his eyes would start to hurt, and he’d get a headache. But, the voice still rambling on about what he thought he should do instead of pick up trash, Jordan asked Tsunade,
“Um, who’s this guy?”
“That would be Naruto. Now, whatever you want from him, spit it out, he needs to make a mission report, and I need to get back to work,” replied Tsunade.
To that Shizune said,
“Oh come on Tsunade, why does Naruto need to write a report for trash duty? And remember, you were just about to take a break.”
“Well, my break is ruined now. Oh well,” Tsunade said with a sigh, “ Get on with it kid. What do you want with Naruto?”
“Well, uh, I heard that Naruto has a demon sealed inside him, and I was thinking I might have something similar. I’m not really sure, but…”
“WHAT!???!”, Tsunade exclaimed in shock, “What do you mean, you THINK you might have something similar!? Spill it kid, tell me, what makes you think you have a demon inside of you!? If you’re joking about this, I swear I’m gonna…”
But, Tsunade was cut off by Naruto,
“Wait, Granny, let him talk. I’ve got a weird feeling from ‘im. I don’t know what it is, but lookin’ at him makes me, I don’t know, angry, like I know him. Granny, what’s this kid’s name anyway?”
Slightly annoyed by Naruto calling him a kid, when Jordan was probably older than him, and frightened by Tsunade’s reaction, Jordan said,
“Hey, ‘Naruto‘, I don’t like bein called a freakin kid. And if you want to know my name, you ask me. And, by the way, my name is Jordan. And yeah, I know, it’s not Japanese.”
Having calmed down, Tsunade said,
“Hm. I know how to tell if you’re telling the truth Jordan. You two, come with me.”
Stubbornly, Naruto argued, “But Tsunade, I’m tired from picking up trash all day, I need to get some ramen and sleep. Can’t this wait?”
“Actually, Naruto, I’m gonna give you some special training. I’m gonna have you fight this kid.”
“WHAT!?!?”, Naruto and Jordan exclaimed, shocked(and in Jordan’s case, more annoyed than before, due to, again, being referred to as a kid), and, in Naruto’s case, disappointment.
“Aaaww, c’mon, this guy? He’s a wimp. I could beat him in my sleep.”
“Shut up! You’d be knocked out, not asleep! And don’t call me a wimp! I’ll fight you any day.”
“Would you two be quiet, and just follow me. And, you will be fighting him today kid. Now c’mon.”
So, doing as they were told, while being accompanied by Shizune, Jordan and Naruto followed Tsunade outside, and then into the woods, passing tree after tree, until coming upon a large clearing. When they had walked to the center of the clearing, Tsunade had them face each other.
“Now, Naruto, I want you to fight Jordan. Think of this as a serious fight. But, try to draw hi to his limit, or make him angry. Try to make him release this so called, ‘power’. Jordan I’m not sure if you can fight or not, but try to trigger the power, and do your best. Oh, and Naruto, try not to kill him.”
Cracking his knuckles, Naruto said,
“Hehehe, this’ll be easy.”
Unsure of what Naruto could do, Jordan simply said,
“Sure, if you call losing easy,” knowing he was probably making him mad. Well, maybe it would motivate him to fight seriously.
“Alright you two, be quiet. Now, GO!
End Chapter 4
Chapter 5-
In a flash, Naruto immediately lunged at Jordan, throwing kicks and punches in a flurry of orange and blue. But, Jordan was fast, or at least fast enough, and he managed to block most of them, until Naruto flipped over him, and attempted to backhand him. Jordan couldn’t block this one, and was hit, and sent a good ten feet, sliding on the dirt. He quickly jumped back up, only slightly hurt, and rushed Naruto as he had him. A punch to the face, a kick to the shin, uppercut to the chin, back step, frontward kick to the chest. Naruto blocked them until he was surprised by the frontward kick, and was knocked back, just as he had done to Jordan, only he was kicked about 15 feet instead of 10. In anger, Naruto flashed his hands in a weird sign, at least weird to Jordan, and suddenly 9 more of him appeared beside him. Jordan thought to himself, crap, this sucks. Then, Naruto had an idea to make Jordan angry.
“Hey, KID, what’s a KID like you doing in Konoha Village, huh, did your parents not give a care about you and just leave you on the side of the road?” Naruto knew this was a horrible thing to say, but Tsunade had said to make him angry. Then, Naruto and his clones rushed Jordan, only Naruto sensed that something had changed with him, and he felt almost intimidated with the deadly look in his eyes. Naruto’s idea had worked, and Jordan was VERY angry. His muscles tensed, and his blood flowed, heated by anger, and as Naruto’s clones rushed him, throwing punches and kicks, Jordan blocked and countered every one, causing the clones to disappear in a puff of smoke, until he reached the real Naruto, and came down on him in a fury, attacking relentlessly, beating him without mercy. Naruto took the beating as punishment for his horrid comment, and recovered quickly, with a bleeding nose and bruised face. On the sidelines, Tsunade yelled,
“Naruto, use Rasengan. And try making him more angry with another insult.”
Slightly hesitant, Naruto aimed at Naruto another lewd comment.
“Hey, kid, I bet you want to have a demon inside you, just so you can get attention, and maybe become famous, then your horrible parents will want you again. But they don’t, they’re probably dead in fact. So just give up kid.” This was worse than the last one, and Naruto deeply regretted speaking these words. With that, Naruto produced one more shadow clone, then began forming chakra into a sphere in his right hand. If Naruto had been paying more attention to Jordan, he might have noticed that he was starting to emit a faint white aura of power. But, ignorant and oblivious to this, Naruto continued to form his Rasengan. Indeed, this last insult had driven Jordan to fury, and he was starting to feel odd, as if his entire body was beginning to be enveloped in fire. He looked down at himself, and noticed that he was starting to glow white. But, he didn’t have time to think too much about it, for Naruto had finished his Rasengan, and had started running toward him, closing the short 15 feet of distance. Meanwhile, Tsunade and Shizune watched in anticipation, both having noticed Jordan’s white aura as well. Tsunade had realized that indeed, Jordan had some deep power inside him. But, too late, Tsunade was unable to call to Naruto to stop. So, with horror, they both watched as Naruto rushed Jordan, with his Rasengan blazing, and Jordan readied to take the full force. Then, a deep inner voice, soothing and wise, yet powerful, and fear inducing, told him to attempt to stop it with his hand. He needed to feel chakra, to begin the process of releasing and controlling the power inside him. So, Jordan followed this voices instructions, and reached his right hand out to stop the Rasengan. The present company had not expected this at all, and watched in horror as the Rasengan collided forcefully and explosively with Jordan’s hand, creating a crater where the two boys stood, and a cloud of dust exploded all around, and enveloped them. The two watching women watched in nervous anticipation, as the large cloud of dust settled. Standing at the center of the explosion, stood Naruto, shocked and confused, stepping back from Jordan, who still had his hand outstretched, still burning from the explosion, the white aura still upon him, only obviously more intense, and more defined, covering more of Jordan than before. The atmosphere was highly pressurized, as though a power was being gathered, and was about to be released. Tsunade suddenly yelled to Naruto,
“Naruto, get out of there! His chakra is building up, he’s going to blow!”
Sensing the danger as well, Naruto quickly flash stepped out of the clearing, to stand by Tsunade and Shizune. He did this just in time, for as soon as Naruto was clear, Jordan released his gathered chakra, in a powerful explosion of white fury, which covered him and a ten feet radius around him. This power surge lasted for about 30 seconds, then subsided back into Jordan, and the aftermath was a crater even larger than the previous one, a good five times larger. In exhaustion, Jordan slumped to the ground, and before the dark void swallowed him, he saw Tsunade, and Naruto running toward him, and Shizune running back the way they had come, probably for help. Then, darkness.
End Chapter 5
Chapter 6-
Jordan awoke to the soft feel of cotton, and the sound of bustling feet in a echoing hallway, and the faint smell of cherry blossoms. When he opened his eyes, he saw a girl no older than him standing at his side, staring at him questioningly, almost critically. The weird thing was, she had pink hair. The girl suddenly said,
“Hey, you awake? Stop staring at me. You’re creeping me out. Now, what’s your name? I already know it from the chart, but I’m supposed to ask anyway.”
Still groggy and confused, Jordan’s only reply was,
“Um, what?”
“Ugh, why do I always get the stupid ones. Now, it says here you had a chakra surge. Pretty big by what Lady Tsunade came in with the Medic Nin who carried you here. She said somethin’ about you fighting with someone, but that‘s all she said.. Hey, are you listening to me?”
“Um, yeah, but, who are you and what am I…”. Jordan paused because he suddenly realized he was completely naked under the sheets. With a blush, he quietly whispered,
“Um, uh, where are my clothes?”
“Oh, those white tatty rags? We couldn’t take a chance of what could be in them, so we threw ‘em out. Don’t worry though, we’ll get you some new ones. And Lady Tsuande’s gonna pay for everything you buy in Konoha, but only until you can get a good job. And don’t take advantage of her either! She told me to give you these clothes for the time being. ”
She then pointed to a pile of clothes, consisting of a white t-shirt and shorts, with some blue sandals on top.
She then added,
“And, just to make it worse, she‘s making me help you, and show you around.”
Nervously, with a blush, he said to the girl,
“Um, can you go out of the room so I can change please?”
“Ugh, fine, like I didn’t see when they took you in. And stop blushing or you’ll pass out from all that blood rushing to your head.”
Still blushing, Jordan quickly asked her as she was leaving,
“By the way, what’s your name?”
“Huh? Oh, I’m Sakura, Sakura Haruno.”
And with that, she left to let him change. Quickly, Jordan jumped out of bed and shoved on the clothes. He realized that it felt good to wear new clothes. He went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, and realized that he had more muscles than he remembered when he last looked. Then again, that had been almost a year. He guessed that he was about 5’ 10”, and weighed about 150 lbs. His dirty blonde hair had gotten longer, it was down to his neck. Looking even closer at his eyes, which were usually blue, they appeared as though they were white. Then it was gone. Thinking it a trick of the light, Jordan forgot about it, and exited the bathroom, and took a look where he was. He was in a small white room, with a bed in the center, and chairs at the end of the bed, against the wall. Jordan guessed he was in a hospital, from the noise of bustle and the atmosphere of urgency. Going to the door, he knocked twice. Sakura opened the door and peered in, looking him up and down, and said,
“Hey, you don’t look half bad. Now, c’mon, lady Tsunade already found you an apartment, and she gave me a list of where we’re supposed to go. But, first, let’s go see her in the waiting room.”
With that, they started down the busy hallway, walking past nurses and doctors in white clothes. Then, they walked through a set of two way double doors, and into the waiting room, where Tsunade was waiting, surrounded by two other medic nin, looking concerned, and listening to their reports. They quieted when they saw him approaching, and left Tsunade’s side, through the door Jordan and Sakura had just come. Tsunade disguised her concern with a smile, and greeted them with,
“Jordan I see you’ve met Sakura, I assume she’s told you everything about you staying here. Now, while you were out, I was thinking we should give you a new name, to better fit in.”
Worriedly, Jordan asked,
“How long was I out?”
“Just a day. Now, about that name, I have here a list of names that are similar to your present one, only they are Japanese.. Take a look, and pick one.”
“Without even glancing at the others, Jordan’s eyes immediately went to one name. Jorou. Pointing to it, he said,
“This one, I like how it sounds”
Looking at where he was pointing, Sakura said,
“Huh? Well, it sounds cool and all, but why…”
“It sounds perfect,” interrupted Tsunade, “From now on, you’re known as Jorou. Now, go with Sakura and look at the apartment I found you. Then, go get some more clothes, you’ll need more than one. Sakura, remember to introduce him as Jorou, to anyone who asks, he is to be accepted in this village as if he already lived here his whole life. Now, go, I need to get back to work!”
And with that Tsunade walked out into the streets. Jokingly, Sakura murmured to Jorou,
“Work? More like to get some Sake. C’mon, we’re going to the apartments.”
Then, they too walked out into the streets.
About ten minutes later, after walking through what felt like half the village to Jorou, they had arrived at the apartments. Tired from talking to people, Sakura said,
“Geez, you think people’ve never even seen a newcomer. They just kept coming and coming, asking all sorts of questions. I had to say over and over again, ‘this is Jorou, he’s new here, be nice, no, I don’t know where he’s from, no, I don’t know if he’s available.’ Oh, just to settle it, you don’t have some girlfriend who’s gonna show up looking for you, do you?”
Slightly embarrassed that girls were asking about him, Jorou laughingly said,
“No, sorry. So, which apartment is mine? And just how many girls asked about me?”
“Oh, be quiet. And it’s this one right here, at the end of the hall…”
Suddenly, from behind them, Jorou and Sakura heard a voice they both new, and shared a strong dislike for. It was Naruto
“Oi, Sakura, who’s that guy you’re with and what are you…” shocked, Naruto finally had seen who Sakura was with, the same person who had created a huge crater, and had almost seriously injured him. Not only was he surprised that he was out of the hospital so soon, but also that Sakura, the love of his life was with him! And why couldn’t he stop staring at him!? He noticed that he appeared to have more muscle than when he fought him, but thought it was only due to the new, tight fitting clothes. And where his eyes turning white? No, it was gone then.. And why were they in his apartment building? In annoyance and confusion, he asked them,
“What are you two doing here? And Sakura, why are you with this guy? Last I heard, Jordan was in the…”
“Shhhh, shut up Naruto, his name is Jorou now! And he happens to have an apartment here, just like the other 18 people in this building. Lady Tsunade paid for it. Now shut up, he needs to see where he’s going to be living so then we can buy him some more clothes!”
And, leaving Naruto silently fuming at his doorway, Sakura and Jorou went to the end of the hall, and Jorou politely opened the door for Sakura, and then they entered. Still confused and mad, Naruto went back into his own apartment and slammed the door, causing more than one shout of disapproval from the other tenants.
Upon entering his new apartment, Jorou first noticed how big it was, at least compared to other apartments he’d stayed in. It even had a couch, a full room for the bedroom, and the kitchen was already stocked, he saw after checking the apartment. Giddily, Jorou ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, back down. Amused, Sakura checked the cupboards Jorou had just checked. She saw that it had all the ingredients to make any meal. there was even a large cook book on the stovetop. Satisfied that Jorou would be able to eat well, she went and checked on him in the bedroom. She found him asleep. Only then did she notice, when he was still and his face was relaxed, that he was kinda cute. Then, her eyes moved to his arms, and saw that he was more muscular than most would notice at first glance. Then, she saw that through his t-shirt, he had a firm 6 pack. She wondered how she hadn‘t noticed this before… what!? NO! Why was she checking out the new guy, who, though admittedly cute, and handsome, and muscular… anyway, even though he was all that, she didn’t even know who he was. She supposed while they were shopping, she could try to get some secrets out of him… but, she almost didn’t want to disturb him. Then she got it together, and went over next to the bed and was about to yell in his ear to get up when suddenly, as if spoken by someone else, she heard,
“I’m not asleep, so you don’t need to yell. And yes, I know we need to go to get some more clothes. First, you need to check out this bed. It’s really soft,” and suddenly Jorou opened his eyes, and making Sakura jump back with fright.
Greatly surprised that Jordan was awake, and yet seemed so still, she moved back to his side and said,
“I’m sure I know how soft a bed feels, I sleep on one very night.”
“So? Some beds feel softer than others. Come on, you never know till you try.”
Even though something in his voice made her want to just jump next to him and lay down and close her eyes, she turned to go, saying,
“No, we need to go, now get up and…” suddenly, she tripped on Jorou’s sandals on the floor, which she hadn’t noticed he’d taken off, and started falling back. Then, Jorou was there, and caught her. Suddenly, blushing, she realized she had fallen onto him while he was still on the bed, and their faces were so close, she was staring straight into his eyes. Where his eyes white when she first met him? But then he spoke, and she was completely distracted from what was now gone.
“Um, Sakura, are you ok? You’re turning red. Maybe you have a fever. Here, lemme check.”
Then, to Sakura’s surprise, Jorou leaned in and touched her forehead with his own, due to the fact that Sakura was laying on his arms, and checked.
“Hm, no, you don’t have a fever, you’re just blushing. Why are you blushing? Oh… wait… uh, sorry.” While speaking, Jorou realized that Sakura was blushing because their faces were so close. Then, he started blushing. Nervously, Sakura quickly said,
“No, it’s fine. It was an accident. Um… Can I get up now?”
“Oh, yeah, sure, go ahead.”
Sakura slowly got up, even though for some reason she didn’t want to. The atmosphere was awkward, so, deciding to break the silence, Jorou said,
“So, um, maybe we should go shopping now.”
With her blush slowly fading, Sakura replied,
“Yeah, now, get your shoes on and lets go.”
So, Jorou quickly did so, and Sakura and him left.
About an hour later, Jorou and Sakura finally went back to Jorou’s apartment, after getting about 5 pairs of shorts, 4 more shirts, and, while Jorou was alone in the store when Sakura went to the bathroom, he got 7 pairs of boxers. And, while they were there, more people had stopped to ask who Jorou was, constantly barraging Sakura with questions. Anyway, back at his apartment, after Jorou had packed away all of the clothes(he had waited until Sakura’s back was turned, then hurriedly stuffed in the boxers), Jorou asked,
“So, what’s next?”
Still recovering from talking to so many people, yet again, Sakura replied,
“Well, Lady Tsunade said that after that, we’re supposed to go talk to Kakashi Sensei, and see if he can train you, or at least teach you the basics of chakra control.”
“Um, two questions, who’s Kakashi, and what’s chakra?”
“Ugh, are you kidding me? Kakashi sensei is only the most amazing ninja in the village, other than Lady Tsunade. And, you idiot, chakra is life force that we use to perform jutsu, they’re a ninja’s greatest form of attack. Apparently, you have no idea how to control it, and you’ve only just started to show signs of advanced chakra in your chakra passageways, probably due to that chakra explosion you had. By the way, how did that happen? Lady Tsunade wouldn’t tell me, and I was hoping you could tell me.
“Ok, so, chakra life force, I get that. And what happened, well, I was fighting with Naruto, like Tsunade said to, and…”
“What!?”, Sakura interrupted, utterly stunned. “Why would Lady Tsunade have you fight Naruto when you had just gotten here!? What did you say to her!?”
Shocked by Sakura’s reaction, Jorou said,
“Well, I told her that I might have a demon inside me, like Naruto does, and she asked me to prove it, so I thought, if this is the only way, then fine. Anyway, we started fighting, and, doing as Tsunade said, Naruto started… saying things… about my parents… and me… and, well, I got really mad, and I felt weird, and then suddenly he used something called Rasengan, and there was a blue sphere in his hand, and he rushed me, and something inside me told me to grab it, and stop it, so I did, and there was an explosion, and suddenly, I felt like there was some kind of energy running through my whole body, like I was on fire, and suddenly, I felt like it was all released suddenly, in an even bigger explosion, and then, well, I blacked out.’
Jorou finished breathless, awaiting Sakura’s reply. Sakura merely stood there, stunned, still trying to take in what Jorou was telling her.
“Uh…. Are you serious? But, isn’t that dangerous? I mean, like before, when you got angry, you exploded, what if next time something worse happens? What is you’re in the middle of a street, or in a cramped building? No wonder Tsunade is making Kakashi train you, this is serious. Did she mention any side effects? I mean, like we’ve already said, you exploded.”
“Well, like you said, I’m going to be trained, so that will be no problem, hopefully, and side effects? I don’t know what you mean. But, I do remember something that happened before the explosion. It…it looked like there was a white aura around my body, and the voice told me, in these words, or something like this, ‘Catch the attack, I need to feel chakra to begin the process of releasing and controlling the power inside you’, so I did. Then, the explosion, I passed out, and boom, I was in the hospital.”
“A white aura? But, that must have been chakra, only I’ve never heard of it being white before. I know from a couple of times, that Naruto’s demon chakra is red. Maybe that’s the color of your demon. I suppose that Lady Tsunade is going to have you examined. Are you sure that there isn’t anything else weird that happened after the fight? Blackouts? Hearing more voices?”
Suddenly, Jorou remembered something that had happened at the hospital, in the bathroom.
“Well,” he started, on to something he hoped was new, “I was looking in the mirror, and I thought I saw my eyes flash white, then it disappeared. I thought it was a trick of the light then, but now…”
“Hang on, I think I saw it too, when we were on the bed and…”
Sakura was blushing as she recounted the event, and slowly, a tinge of red creeped it’s way onto Jorou’s face as well. Breaking the silence, Jorou said, slightly still embarrassed.
“Um, yeah, ok, so, we know my, ‘demon‘, has white chakra, and is probably white too. But, how about we wait till tomorrow, maybe Tsunade will examine me then. Besides, it’s getting dark out, and you should probably go home. Unless, that is, there’s still more to see in Konoha? Maybe we could go get something to eat?”
Feeling as if he had read her mind, Sakura playfully said,
“Well, sure, as long as you’re buying. I actually know of a place, it’s cheap, has healthy food, and open all night. But first, I want to say hi to Naruto”
Sakura was thinking this would be a good way to get back at Naruto for repeatedly asking her out, and she could have fun at the same time, and even better, it was with Jorou, who was what the whole village was talking about. This would surely impress people in the village. That, and she wanted to learn more about him.
Curious as to why Sakura would want to say hi to Naruto, Jorou simply said, “Well, let’s go then.”
With that, they both exited the apartment, and went down the hall, to a room that just a few hours ago they had encountered Naruto. Sakura knocked three times, and waited for Naruto to answer. They both heard the sound of a chair being pushed back, and bare feet on a hardwood floor, walking to the door to answer it. The door opened to reveal Naruto with a plastic cup of what looked like noodles in one hand, and chopsticks in the other, looking like he had just sat down to eat, only to be rudely interrupted. First, he saw Sakura, and a smile lit his face, but the he saw Jorou, and the smile was gone. With a tone of annoyance in his voice, Naruto said,
“Oi, Sakura, what are you still doing with this guy? Aren’t you usually home by dark? Where are you two going?”
With a rub-it-in-your-face attitude, Sakura replied,
“Oh, me and Jorou were just going out to get something to eat, and we wanted to check on you and see if you were okay, especially since what happened before, when you fought Jorou, which by the way you failed to mention to me. So, like I said, just checking in, good night Naruto.”
Almost shocked, Naruto had nothing to say to that, but he opened his mouth as if to snap back, then shut it, as if he forgot what he was about to say. Then, Sakura and Jorou walked away, leaving Naruto dumbfounded as if he’d just been slapped across the face. As they left, Jorou whispered to Sakura,
“You know, that was kinda mean.”
Still arrogant, Sakura replied,
‘And I think we should do that again sometime, the look on his face was priceless.”
Then, they started quietly laughing, and walked away, and out into the streets of Konoha, where their first supposed, ‘date’, would happen.
But, that’s a story for another time.(if you want me to release it, tell me, I’ll gladly oblige.)
End Chapter 6

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