The Journey Through Philosophy Ch. 1

The world, nothing but a spec in the universe. A little blue orb forever on its course to rotate and revolve. And yet this spec holds power and intelligence which once unleashed could move the very stars themselves.

As the goddess planted the withered rose bulb in the ash of the tree of life the people looked on in confusion. One man asked the goddess," Why have you planted such a hopeless bulb in a non life bearing soil?" The goddess replied," If you call this such a hopeless bulb then why has it grown into a rose?" As the people looked at the ash once more they were in shock and awe for there was a beautiful white rose blooming in the center of the ash. The goddess spoke," The life i have placed has gone through many more things than you people could have ever imagined, because through its suffering it has learned what true happiness is and has never asked for more."