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by xXDanityXx, :
kesha567, 1 day ago
omg she has like 8 year old kids looking up to her and what is with her video i cant be tamed she needs to dress a little bit better that pick is horible she isnot my role modle any more"

I personally dont think that you should even use celebrities as your rolemodel! Its okay if you do but you should use “real” people as your rolemodels. Celebrities just try to be perfect because thats what society wants them to be.
By “real people” I mean people who make diffrences in our lives. People who I think don’t get enough credit. Like firefighters, policemen, doctors etc. THEY’RE SAVING PEOPLES LIVES and hardly teenagers look up to them and it sickens me. I am 11 and I look up to those kind of people and I dream to be something like them one day. I want to make diffrences in peoples lives and give them what I have to offer. They’re our heros. Where would some of your family members be without them? Where would you be without them….

by xXDanityXx,: 11 minutes ago
vams.only, 1 day ago:
“i think she needs to slow down shes trynna be like lady gaga and britney spears and shes only 17 act ur age miley this is not what 7-8-9-10-11 year olds should be watching mileys a slutt”

What, so just because she decided to wear something that is skimpy that she is trying to copy lady gaga or britney spears? I personally think that because she was on Disney, that it had made it harder for people to get used to this change. Disney is known for having stars that are good influences among little kids and currently in some perspectives you could say that, that is not what she is doing. But even so, she is 17 now. She is not a little kid anymore. You can’t just judge her based on her looks and call her a s.l.u.t without even knowing her in person. Whenever she is wearing something skimpy or something unappropiate, it is only in her preformences. If that was the case out of preformences than go ahead and call her bad names. Just because celebrities are always in the spotlight does not mean that they’re perfect little goody-tooshoos. Atleast she is not doing nipslips, completly baring any private part of her body or is in playboy. I’ve never heard anyone calling playboy models s.l.u.t.s. I am actually sided with Miley because she is only 17 and she is not trying to pretend to be something she is not. She is not trying to pretend to be perfect. She dosen’t try to hide her flaws of being a teenager. She is being real.

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