What's up my people!
Just got back from Vegas and it was a blast! Here are just a few of the things I got to do and see:
-Saw Cirque du Soleil: Mystere
-Saw Nathan Burton from America's Got Talent perform at the Flamingo
-Saw the Dancing Fountain at the Bellagio
-Rode the indoor rollercoaster at Circus Circus
-Went on a horseback ride through Red Rock Canyon
-Saw white tigers at Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden
-Watched the volcano erupt at the Mirage
-Saw I guy juggle two bowling balls and a peanut M&M at the same time. He also juggled a bowling ball, a hatchet, and an apple, and started eating the apple while juggling it.
The only thing that would've made this trip better was if Criss Angel was there! biggrin