ok ya i do have a plan... i mean i dont like mitch but i really want him 2 make him regret his decision... so i am going 2 pop up in his life EVERYWHERE i can control... so im going 2 the ymca everyother day and im bound 2 c him at one point... muhahahhah. then i could b like ya... we never saw eachother rolleyes hahahahhahahahhahaha then he'd b like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. hahahhahahahahaa i dont think he likes me but i mite just b able 2 rub this all in his face and feel so much better about everything... 1st day of school 100% Kristen... who looks so much better than usual... hahahahahhahahah xd xd xd xd and im gonna act like NOTHING happened and were still besties... hahahhahahaha and im gonna b all... heyyyy mittccchhh.. in my smexy green top... sleeveless btw (greens his favorite color) lol it'll catch his attention... and maybe his frands... lololololoooolllllllll hahahhahaha amanda when u read this dont kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad hahhaha im not desperate im doing this fo myself... and it'll work IN MY HEAD. hah. i really did like this guy... psh o well... him and lauren look cuter together anywayyyy.