Just some lyrics that I wrote. They kinda go with the state I'm in at the moment (except the madness part, of course XD ). The lyrics may seem a bit...random and sorta just put in the for no reason, however my writing style is very abstract and sometimes I simply like just adding things in there that bring a beautiful image to the mind.

Ecstacy, a dream gone unrepaired,
Your presence still haunts me...

A single petal brushes against my skin,
Your heart beats, you still live.
Because the sky is not yet dim,
The nightmares are still kept at bay.

Midnight brings your leaving me,
And my madness awakens...

Ecstacy, eternal you and me,
Feel your wings beat.
No ending this feeling that bonds us,
A dream fallen apart at the seams...

Palaces of dawn on the distant horizon,
Where we began to take bloom.
Breathing in the now chilled air,
Brings back a chain of memories.

Ribbons of bliss waving in the wind,
How long till it all comes to an end?

Ecstacy, our memories remain sweet,
Your eyes, your lips, remain trapped in my memory.
Feel me, baby, don't let it all slip away,
Let my tears stop flowing...

Ecstacy, a dream gone unrepaired,
Our loves causes rapture, spread your wings,
You won't let it all slip away, surely,
Someday, let it blossom...