im so bored.............hmmm wow it is hard 2 think of sumthin 2 right about lol stare ok i guess i will right about me well im 13 my name is megan brown hair brown eyes i have 1 brother who is cool cuz i really never see him and 2 sisters witch r pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im crazy funny nervous kinda person i over think every thing i do i cant stand being in a messy room except my own i cant stand it when all my friends do is play on the computer or watch tv i have trust ishues its really hard 4 me 2 trust some 1 cuz i have had my heart broken 2 many times
i dont have tht many enemys i try 2 be nice 2 every 1.i was the first person 2 ever get in a fight at church camp lol yay me! blaugh my best friends are michael.h bailey.b and brooke .c even tho she kinda a b***h!lol thts another story tho.i wanna work in fashion or computer programing when i get older im really in love with this 1 guy even tho he lives many states away hes the best.i see dead people and they talk 2 me jk lol i dont see daed people rolleyes i really like making youtube videos i like editing and filming i hate being in them cuz i talk stupid and i dance like a guy in a boy band well i gtg peace and cake bye! heart heart heart heart