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What are my probs?
Another wrestle match for control
Hello again people..
what are we doing talking out loud again?
Oh come on this can be a lot of fun!
yeah it can be I guess, you are way too easily entertained..
lol.. yeah, but you have to admit it's funny right?
Yeah guys it's a blast isn't it!?
yeah.. if you all say so
Hey look! Stargate Atlantis!
lol.. okay *sits down and relaxes watching Stargate Atlantis*
But.. I'm not done...
why do you all want to do your own things really? why can't we all just do what I want to do?
because what you want to do is boring
yeah we all know you just want to talk to Sarah
But she isn't replying, so why should we just sit at our computer waiting for her to reply?
yeah isn't that kind of a really creepy thing to do? just sitting there waiting for her to reply?
you already check her profile every couple minutes seeing if she's been online or checking out her pictures
yeah you're just a little bit creepy..
but you are all me as well.. so are all of us creepy then?
No just you.. and maybe the hyper side.
HEY!!! that's not nice! I haven't done anything to any of you
and what do you call what you did to Katie?
THAT WASN'T ME!!!!!! That had to be mr. smooth over there.*points at the onle labeled in blue*
It wasn't me I swear!
well it wasn't me either, I just wanted to lay there with her..
blue it had to be you.. because I didn't really want to do anything either, I enjoyed just laying there..
Sorry all... it was me.. the one you all tend to forget exists
Who was that?
I don't know.. *looks around confused*
*sulks and goes back into hiding*
Hey You! Get back over here! *goes after brown*
Uhh.... I'm not even sure who that was...
Well... I believe that is all we have time for today
*sounds of beating can be heard in the background*
Hey don't kill him! Can't we all just get along?

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