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The Book of Stories
The title basicly gives the description. Its a Book of Stories
"Good night, mom!" Cassidy shut her door, and laid down on her bed.
"Are you sure you want to go to bed so early?"
"Yes mom. Good night!" She closed her eyes and saw nothing. What's wrong? She thought, after nearly half an hour of waiting. Why can't I fall asleep?

Relax. It will work better.

Cassidy screamed. She heard talking down stairs, then a couple of seconds later, she heared someone knock on her door.
"Come in." She said. Her brother walked in, flicking on the light, and slowly sat down on the bed.
"You okay? Me and Mom heard screaming." Devin put a hand on her arm.
"Yeah, just... a bad dream, I guess." Cassidy pulled the covers over her head. "Good night."
"Yeah, dork, good night." Devin got up and turned the light off. Then he walked out.
Cassidy sighed. This was one of the few times she wasn't comferted by her 19 year old brother.

Okay, she thought, Relaxed. I'm relaxed. Okay. Hello? she pictured herself in the forest, talking to thin air... er.. the voice.

Yes. Relax. Hello.

She was in. Cassidy was in the forest. It was no longer tinted with a light green light. The air was thick, with a feeling of doom. Her clothes were completly different. Instead of the white tank top and shorts she was wearing before, she had on an elegant dress. The top was a dark blue, going only a couple of inches below her chest and the bottom was a bright white that seemed to be glowing. It stopped about a hands length (finger to the heel of her palm) above her knee, and the top just barly showed cleavlage. It was enough for any boy to make his jaw drop.

Are you ready?

"For what?" She asked, sitting down on a nearby rock.
There was a bright, bright light in front of her. Cassidy covered her eyes, squinting to see what was there. When the light went out, in front of Cassidy, the girl in the picture was standing in front of her. She had bright red hair, with her bangs swept off to the side, still covering her forhead. Her skin was perfectly clear of acne or scars of any kind, even though she seemed just under 16, very pale, and her eyes were a bright white. The only way you coulld tell them from the actual eyeball was because of a black ring surrounding her iris. She was wearing a long, bright white dress, slightly giving off light that was just barely noticeable.
"Training, of course." She said, smiling.


Lady Deana
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Lady Deana
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