i like the goo goo dolls. especially if it's raining and iris comes on. it makes me feel happy. rain also makes me feel sexy. don't ask why but thats how my brain computes. and it feels like good things always happen on rainy days....like today....we got out of school for a four day weekend. and it rained ALL DAY i mean...gaaaa i just love it. biggrin
and theres something so calming about rain. i grew up to love storms and tornadoes we'd just like sit out on the front porch and talk.....it's just one of the many goo things about my childhood that include rain. another is almost every time it rained me and my best friend scottie would go out in our bathing suits and just play in the rain. now we aren't friends anymore because sadly he became a horny jerk...... crying
but there were just a lot of good times with rain. so the last thing i'm gonna say is thank you rain for all the good times you've given me!!!!