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It's Always Hazey...
I'm Dezmond. I am pretty simple. I enjoy anime, video games, and weed. A lot of crazy s**t happens sometimes.
A Night With Cough Syrup
It all began one night my friend Jeremy decided "Were gonna do cough syrup tonight." So off we went to Walgreen's to purchase our easily accessible ways to get ******** up. I had a bottle of Delsum 12 hour(grape) and robotussin(fruit punch) and we arrived back in my house and sat on the couch and chugged our 2 bottles per person. A bit into it I felt incredibly weird like I was dying or some s**t. We thought it'd be fun to turn on some Pink Floyd and turn on the visualization on the xbox.

So we sat there and I started staring into the screen and I saw something that for some reason made me extremely scared and I started to feel really sick. I started yelling "turn this off dude!!! I can't look at that!! turn it off!!" and ran into the bathroom and put my head right to the toilet and started throwing up all over. It hurt so much and all I could taste was vomit and fruit punch and it was so terrible I kept gagging and I just wanted to get it all out. I started feeling better and I walked back out into the room and watched the screen again and it wasn't terrifying this time.

I ended up running back into the bathroom and started throwing up which is where I stayed from then until the trips end. I turned on the water on the sink splashed my face with water over and over and then rested my head next to the sink. I kept the water running on my hand cause for some reason the water was the only real thing I could recognize and it made me feel safer to feel the cold on my hand. I wrapped my self up in a blanket and Jeremy entered.

I asked him how he was doing and he said "this is ******** scary." and I was telling him that we weren't in the bathroom anymore and he said "that's not what's going on the room is still the same and were sitting in your bathroom freaking out" and as he said that the room completely warped back to normal and I was so lost when I saw that. Randomly we both just started laying on the floor and stared at the ceiling and this is when I don't remember much so here what I do remember. I remember being in the corner and feeling like I couldn't move and suddenly I saw myself get up and walk out of the bathroom and at this point I was terrified. I was convinced I was dead.

Nothing but silence around me and then everything is grey up until I open my eyes and see snow all around me and snow on me. I asked Jeremy what was going on and he said "I don't know dude I don't wanna think right now.." I asked "why is there snow in the bathroom?" and he said "it's fine dude just let it melt." I was just whatever after that. We finally gathered the courage to walk around and we got onto the couch and he said "it should be ending soon now" my vision started getting blurry and I thought it was all gonna happen again but everything just curved and s**t and then it was like everything focused back to normal.

It was like it never happened. I had trouble walking still but it everything was just gone instantly. I also watched Devil once it wore off and now that movie and fruit punch instantly bring bad scary memories of s**t that didn't really happen.

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  • [04/28/11 05:53am]
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