I'm just starting to get the hang of what to write for my journal so just to begin I'd like to just tell you what happened to me today.
I went to school and head a French test first block, (I hope I passed!) I'm not so good at foriegn languages and finals are coming up sooooon!
Anyway next I had Health in which I chatted with my friend Megan the whole time XD. Math was after that which I had a test in too. Then just computer technology and then music. Ahhh...boring day. I couldn't wait to go over my friends house at the end of the day. We watched LEGEND, no not I AM LEGEND, LEGEND. Yes, that's right the one with Tom Cruise in it when he's like 17. Yes, that is right, the one about the unicorns. Haha no sentence can be serious if it has the word "unicorn" in it. Anyway we watched that then made Annies Mac&Cheese yummm. My friend is cool cause she plays the ukulele and I love her for it biggrin !
Well, that's all I'm going to do for today. Hopefully I'll think of more interesting stuff to talk about... :/ Bai!